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Staying active and including some form of workout has now become a part of our lifestyle. In order to maintain a fit body and a healthy mind, staying active is a must! So let us not let the lack of right kind of clothing get in the way of pursuing an active lifestyle. That’s why, we are here for you! amanté offers different types of sports bra for all kinds of workouts such as yoga, pilates, cardio, kickboxing. Explore them here!

Allow us to bust this myth, that it’s okay to wear a regular bra during any kind of workout. It’s best not to do that. When you run or do heavy workouts, your bust moves a few inches rapidly and the bounce during workouts can stretch the supportive ligaments causing breasts to sag in a long run, possibly also leading to back pain and discomfort. We at amanté recommend that you wear sports bra during any kind of workout.

Here are the different types of sports bra available at amanté:

  • Low impact Sports Bra: For less intense workouts, our low impact bras are perfect. They are made for workouts such as yoga, pilates, walking or golfing too. Our low impact sports bra is tailored to give you full coverage and to also contain the bounce.
  • Medium-impact Sports Bra: Our medium-impact sports bra is ideal for any medium intensity workouts such as power yoga, cardio or running. Workout in style with the right workout bra that will offer adequate support during your workout sessions.
  • High-impact Sports Bra: This range of sports bra is designed for all activities that need a lot of jumping and moving around, such as running, playing tennis or squash, kickboxing and other such high intensity workouts.

Best Sports Bra for Heavy Breasts in India

Find the best sports bra for heavy breasts in India can be a daunting exercise. Lace of coverage, digging straps and spilling cups can make it an uncomfortable experience and can easily demotivate one to get out and exercise. For curvy women, the key to finding a good sports bra is to look for adequate support, coverage and the ability to contain the bounce.

At amanté, you can find sports bras that provide support. Choose high impact sports bras that offer compression fit, that helps contain the bust tissue and reduces the bounce.

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