Best Sports Bras for Cycling: Get the Proper Support

Best Sports Bras for Cycling: Get the Proper Support

Sports bras are very essential for any form of athletic activity, especially if that involves strenuous actions for a long period of time. Cycling is a form of activity that requires the athlete to be dressed in suitable clothes because any form of non-athletic wear will result in an inability to exercise for long hours. It is, therefore, important that you wear the right kind of bra in order to feel empowered to carry on with your exercises while feeling comfortable. Sports bras are particularly helpful in giving you the right kind of support. Here we discuss the types of sports bras that are available to offer you maximum comfort while meeting all of your needs.

Racer-back sports bras

Sport Bras

Whether you are cycling at the gym or taking your bicycle out on the road, no one can deny the style and polish that the crisscross straps of a racer-back offer to you. If you are working out at the gym, racer-back sports bras worn with crop tops look particularly good. If you are, indeed, taking to the road, it is advisable to wear a jacket over the bra. The design of the bra is such that it looks like a bralette and worn with a jacket, it adds flair to your everyday exercise-wear.

Padded sports bras


One of the disadvantages of wearing a sports bra while working out is that it does very little to accentuate the curves of your body. Very often, wearing a sports bra makes your bosom look less curvy. Padded sports bras in this regard are helpful in bringing out your curves and helping you look and feel your best self while working out.

Non-padded sports bras

Non Padded Sports Bras

Non-padded sports bras are for those who are not too keen on feeling weighed down by the weight of the bra cups. Cycling in itself can be quiet demanding and if one adds the added restraint of a padded bra cup, it is quiet easy to start feeling breathless. For those who are not able to move about comfortably with a padded sports bra, we would strongly recommend trying out the non-padded varieties.

A Few Last Words

We would like to emphasize the importance of sports bras in allowing for a better performance of physical activity. Sports bras are designed in such a manner that it becomes easier to continue with the activity of cycling for a long period of time. We hope that you find your ideal bra for your gym workouts or for your bike rides in and around familiar haunts from the ones listed here.

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