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Inspired by the beaches of Brazil, these panties are designed to reveal and conceal in equal amounts. Brazilian panties come with high-cut legs and sit low on the waist and hip region. The back is designed in such a way that it is wider than a thong but smaller than a bikini making it a fun, flirty and a fashionable silhouette.

Benefits of Wearing Brazilian Panty

Designed to be cheeky in the rear end, Brazilian panty goes well with any kind of outfit. If you are someone who’s looking for something fun but are not too comfortable wearing a thong, then a Brazilian could be your perfect choice. With these on, it adds great shape and makes your rear pop as it’s designed to expose the mid to lower half of your rear. Team them up with any outfit – jeans, shirts, jumpsuits or sweatpants, you will be surprised.

Are there Types of Brazilian Panty?

At amanté you will find Brazilian panties made of softest of fabrics. Not to mention the sheer lace detailing and the sensuous colours. They are a perfect blend of style and comfort. While they come in different colours and fabrics, the silhouette remains the same.

How to Find the Perfect Fit for Brazilian Panty

Brazilian panties are half way between a thong and a bikini. The panty should provide full coverage in the front and similarly on the sides. At the rear end, this panty is designed to provide moderate to low coverage as they begin to curve to the lower bottom. Having doubts about fit and size? We are here for you! Our panty fit calculator is a perfect guide for you to find a pair that fits you perfectly. Go ahead and bring out that measuring tape!


Are Brazilian panty comfortable?

Yes, they are absolutely comfortable to wear and a perfect additional to your lingerie drawer. Be sure to find a pair that fits you perfectly and you are good to go.

Who can wear Brazilian?

Literally anyone! If you are still warming up for a thong and meanwhile want to try on something a bit cheeky, a Brazilian is a perfect choice. They can be teamed up with any type of outfit.

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