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Stylish yet invisible, the strapless bra gives you all the support of a regular bra without the shoulder straps. This makes the strapless bra perfect for when you want to wear an off-shoulder or halter-neck style outfit.

The fabric used in our strapless bras offer a snug and comfortable fit and allows you to keep the bra on your body even for extended periods of time without feeling any discomfort.

Benefits of Owning Strapless Bra in Your Wardrobe

Strapless bras work the best when you don’t want the straps to be visible through your outfit. Flaunt your following outfits, flawlessly with our strapless bras:

  1. Off shoulder tops
  2. Tube tops or dresses
  3. Sheer or semi-transparent outfit

Multiway Bra

Our one for all and all for one style. The most versatile bras that amanté has to offer and a must-have in your wardrobe. With this addition, you can bring out all the outfits that you’ve put off only because you couldn’t find the right bra to pair with it.

With straps that detach at one or both ends, they can be re-attached in multiple ways, to meet the needs of different outfits.

The straps can be worn in the following ways:

  • Traditionally – both straps attach front to back
  • Strapless – without the strap
  • Single Strap – with only one strap
  • Halter-neck – with a single strap around the neck
  • Cross-back – with the straps crossing across the back