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If beach vacation is on your mind, you are mostly likely to shop for swimsuits, hats, sunscreen, shades and flip flops. But are you forgetting a piece of clothing which is also very crucial to be part of your travel bag? Yes, we are talking about swim wraps and swim cover-ups. We believe beach cover-ups are an essential. When you are just out water and are sipping on some fresh fruit juice under the sun or if you are taking a stroll by the beach, that’s when the cover-up comes in handy. They not only offer coverage as the name implies, but also protect your skin from sun damage. So go on, check these babies out today!

Benefits of wearing swim wraps

Some of the benefits of wearing a swim cover-up is as follows.

  1. It gives you protection from the sun just after your swim
  2. Cover-ups such as kaftans and sarongs give you that bit of coverage and modesty if you are insecure about a certain part of your body
  3. They look versatile and stylish and adds to your oomph
  4. You can wear them over your swimsuit for lunch or dinner by the beach and look trendy

How to find perfect fit for swim wraps?

To find your perfect fit, visit our fit calculator page.

Swim Wraps - FAQs

What are the best and comfortable clothes to wear in the beach?

Bikini tops paired with bikini bottoms or one-piece swimsuit is comfortable to wear on the beach.

What is the best outfit for beach other than bikini?

You may try one-piece swimsuit or a swim dress.

Can Kaftans be worn out-doors?

Swim kaftans are meant to be worn at the pool or by the beach.