The Enchantress Club

It’s quite simple. You become part of the Enchantress Loyalty Program as soon as you make the first purchase, either at one of our exclusive stores or our website. Your first bill can be of any value. It’s absolutely free to be a part of the program and enjoy its benefits.

amanté Enchantress Program entitles you to a host of privileges. The program works on a points-based reward system. Points can be used as discount while making the purchase which is applicable on the total bill value. Depending on the tier you belong to, you can avail birthday & anniversary discounts and get early access to seasonal sales.

You earn points on the final bill value of the purchase, that is the amount you pay. Number of points vary for each tier. The value of 10 loyalty points = Re.1.

When you make a purchase in our EBOs - the points will be earned on the final bill value. For example, if your total bill value is Rs. 1000 and you get a 10% discount, your bill value is Rs. 900. On this bill value, if you wish to burn say 200 points, your points earned will be on Rs. 900, and not Rs. 880.

However, the aforesaid calculation varies when you make an online purchase. In case, you make a purchase on, the points you will earn will be on Rs 880, and not Rs 900.

You earn points every time you make a purchase with amanté, whether online or in store. Ensure that you use the same mobile number with every purchase as the loyalty account is linked to your mobile number.

However, for all purchases made on, loyalty points will be allotted post 45 days of purchase.

Glad you asked! There are two ways you can redeem points – at amanté exclusive brand stores or on

At amanté exclusive stores:

Step 1: At the billing desk, help the store manager with the registered phone number. Our store manager will tell you how many points are in your account.

Step 2: Once you confirm on the value of points that you wish to burn, an OTP will be shared to your registered mobile number.

Step 3: Upon OTP verification, points will automatically get debited from your balance.


Step 1: At the checkout page, enter your registered phone number

Step 2: Once you enter the phone number, the system will display your available points. Enter the value of the points you wish to redeem

Step 3: Once you enter the points and submit, an OTP will be shared to the registered phone number

Step 4: Enter the OTP, hit submit. You may conclude the purchase by making the payment

To know your loyalty points balance, please reach out to our customer care. Give us a call at 18001027180 (between 10am to 7pm from Monday to Sunday) or email us at

It’s quite simple! Call 18001027180 (between 10am to 7pm from Monday to Sunday) or email us at to check your balance or expiry date of your reward points.

All purchase-related earned points have a validity of 6 months from the date of being allotted. Any points earned during an offer or a scheme will have the validity as part of offer terms & conditions.

Don’t worry, your tier doesn’t come with validity. Once you become a part of a particular tier, you will continue to stay there!

We will consider the tier that you are currently in, at the time of billing. What this essentially means is that, if at the time of billing, you are a Silver member, you will only be eligible for points basis Silver tier.

As per our policy, returns are not allowed in our EBO stores, we only allow exchanges. Also, the points will NOT be refunded back to your registered mobile number. In case you wish to return the product, a credit note will be raised for the same bill value. We will include the value of the burned points as part of this credit note.

No, the points that you have redeemed will NOT be reversed, in case you wish to cancel/ return your online order.

In case of earned points, on the products that are being returned, points will be cancelled. Say you earn 100 points by buying two products and earn 50 points per product. If you wish to return one product, we will credit only 50 points back to your registered mobile number. Same is valid for both offline & online purchases.

We would advise that you be sure of the purchase you are making while redeeming your points. If the cart gets abandoned, the points will not get reversed into your account. In case you are planning to abandon your cart, do remember to note down/save the code that gets generated post submission of the OTP. You can use the code to redeem the points during your next purchase. Please note that company does not keep a track of these codes and we won’t be able to provide you any details later.

Currently, we don’t offer referral program under Enchantress.

We are here to help you. Call us at 18001027180 (between 10am to 7pm from Monday to Sunday) or send an email at

In order to opt out of Enchantress Club, you may send an e-mail to stating the same

All Enchantress related terms & conditions can be changed at company’s discretion without any prior notice.

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