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Pamper yourself and feel confident in any outfit with a wide selection of shapewear by amanté. These shapewear styles are designed to flatter your figure and visually make you look slimmer. With compression panels that smoothen out the bulges on the tummy, thigh, and hip areas, these shapewear styles give you the perfect contoured shape. Designed to wick away sweat, the breathable mesh panel allows optimum airflow so you stay comfortably confident all day long.

Benefits of Wearing Shapewear

amanté’s shapewear is designed to visually make you look slimmer and thereby boost your confidence to sport any fitted outfit! Here are a few benefits of wearing amanté shapewear.

Designed with smoothing panels, they provide contoured compression so that you can effortlessly flaunt a flattering silhouette.

Mesh panels enhance the breathability by wicking away moisture.

Luxuriate in the soft embrace of the breathable, stretch to fit fabric. The fabric feels soft against your skin to give you the comfort you need all day without feeling constricted.

The silky smooth 2-way satin imparts a feather-soft smooth feel every time you wear the shaper. It lets the garment stay invisible beneath your clothes by providing a gliding effect and ensures your utmost comfort by eliminating the chances of chaffing between your innerwear and outerwear.

Types of Shapewear

Want to know the 3 different types of shapewear that’s perfect for you?

Thigh Shaper: Get your daily dose of confidence with amanté’s thigh shaper. Crafted with sweat wicking fabric, the rear mesh panel ensures maximum breathability for utmost comfort. Featuring contoured compression, this shaper smoothens your hips and thighs while flattening the tummy for a flattering silhouette.

Tummy Control: Say goodbye to uneven bulges with this innovative tummy control panty by amanté. It instantly gives you a contoured shape due to the compression fit it offers, boosting your confidence to sport any outfit. Designed to wick sweat, the breathable mesh panel allows optimum airflow so you stay comfortably confident all day long.

Waist Clincher: Enhance your curves with this high-waisted Clincher that gives your waistline a defined shape. The silicone-free composition ensures a cosy fit without any pinching or digging. Made of rich two-way satin, it stays invisible under clothes so your confidence can shine through.


What shapewear should I buy?

It depends on what you’re seeking for. If you are looking for a defined waistline, a waist clincher works the best. If you are if you’re working on your lower back and thighs, you may go for a thigh shaper. It you wish to have a more contoured shape; you may opt for a tummy tucker.

Does shapewear really work?

A shapewear helps in visually making your figure look slimmer, enhancing your overall and boosting your inner beauty.

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