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Give them a peek of your wild side with our bikini bottoms. Our selection of bikini bottoms will put a spring in your every step. Lend a dash of sweet flair, mix and match our bikini bottoms with our swim tops and go on to confidently enjoying your day while you play volleyball by the beach or lounging on a pool float to keep your swim style blooming.

Benefits of wearing bikini bottoms

Bikini bottoms are incredibly sassy and offer low to medium back coverage. They are generally low of mid-rise in nature. Some of the benefits of wearing bikini bottoms are:

  1. Bikini bottoms can be mixed and matched with any bikini top. You can never go wrong with pairing and it looks trendy always
  2. Swim bottoms come in different silhouettes such as string tie-up bikini bottom, high-waisted bikini, boyshorts so depending on the coverage you are seeking you may pick one
  3. Bikini bottoms are extremely comfortable to swim in. They provide a second skin feel so you can wear them even while you are surfing or padding in the water

Types of swim bottoms:

  1. High-waist swim bottoms: If you are looking for that extra bit of coverage while wearing a bikini top, then go for our high waisted swim bottoms. They also offer tummy control to some extent
  2. String swim bikini bottoms: Flaunt your curves in these tie-up bikini bottoms. You can wear these even if you have wider hips
  3. Boyshorts swim bottoms: Boyshorts as name suggests has the construction of a shorts. These swim shorts are for women who are seeking for that bit of additional coverage

How to find perfect fit for bikini bottoms?

To find your perfectly sized bikini bottoms, all you need to do is visit our fit calculator page. Check your measurements using a measuring tape, check it against our size chart and you are good to go.

Bikini Bottom - FAQs:

How do you wear a tie-side bikini bottom?

The best way to wear a string bikini bottom is to keep one side tied before wearing them. Once you slide them on, you tie up the other side and you are done.

Which is more popular, full cut or Brazilian cut bikini bottoms?

Full cut bikini bottoms are more popular in India.

How do you know if your bikini bottom is too small?

If your bottoms are fitting you tight and you are uncomfortable, that’s your first cue. Your butt cheeks will also start popping out when your bottoms are too small for you.

How do you know what size bikini to buy?

Before making the purchase, do ensure that you check your measurements in the size chart provided in the fit calculator section. Once you are sure of your size, go ahead and make that buy.