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Don’t we all love to show off at times? And that’s why push-up bras are here for. Give your bust the perfect, contoured shape with our push-up bras that visually increases bust size by one cup level. Explore them now!

The padding in a push-up bra will shape and accentuate your bust; helps give you an uniform appearance esp. if you have asymmetrical bust shape. One of the most popular types of bra, they are available in wired and non-wired options. Perfect for special occasions or every day wear, these push-up bras offer the perfect neckline that will flatter your stunning evening dresses and gowns while giving you an enviable silhouette with its padded support.

Push Up Bra FAQs

What is a push up bra?

The padding in a push-up bra is designed in such a way that it uplifts your bust and gives you a natural lift by visually enhancing your cup size by one level.

What can I pair a push-up bra with?

Most push-up bras offer plunge neckline and can be paired with deep V-neck outfits or tops. They help you by achieving a clean, no-show through look.

Can I wear push-up bra daily?

Yes, you can. The seamless push-up bras at amanté can be paired under a T-shirt for your day look or under a low-neckline outfit on those special evenings to ensure nothing shows through your outfit.

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