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Yes, it’s the perfect time to pick up where you left off. Well, because summer is finally here! That means it’s time to be reunited with your swimming pool. Time to splash some water around and take that beach vacay you been waiting for. Or to simply spend that quality time with your gal pals. So are you looking at refreshing your swimwear wardrobe? Then look no further. Swim dress, as the name suggests comes in the form of a dress. They have flared bottoms and if you are looking for a bit of modesty, then a swim dress will be your BFF!

Benefits of wearing swim dress

  1. Swim dresses are quite popular in India and one of the most sought after styles. Catering to women of all ages, shapes and sizes. Want to know why? Here are the benefits of wearing a swim dress.
  2. The great thing about a swim dress is, it comes with built in shorts with a flared dress over the top. This gives that additional coverage and a very modest look.
  3. Swim dress gives that confidence boost esp. for a first time swimmer to get into the water most freely and comfortably without a worry in the world
  4. Swim dresses generally come with wider straps so it offers additional support to the bust. The straps sit snugly on the shoulders so it doesn’t slip when you are under water
  5. With the additional coverage, it provides protection from sunlight and chlorination and saves you from those harsh tan lines.

Swim dresses come in fun prints and bold colours to up your sass game under water. Racerback, halter back are some of the types of that make swim dresses so popular.

Check out some of the frequently asked questions that might answer all the questions you have in mind.

How to find a perfect fit for swim dress?

Visit our fit calculator section and check your measurement against our size chart to find your perfect swim dress size.

Swim Dress - FAQs

Do swim dresses come with attached undergarments?

Yes, our swim dresses come with stitched panty inside.

Can you wear shorts under a swim dress?

All our swim dresses come with panty stitched inside. So you don’t need to wear shorts under a swim dress.

Is it necessary to wear a swimming dress?

It’s your personal preference. If you are looking for swimwear that gives you additional coverage, then we recommend a swim dress.

Can you swim in a swim dress?

Yes, you can swim comfortably in a swim dress.

Do swim dresses come with bottoms?

Yes, swim dresses come with panty stitched to it.