A Guide to Picking the Right Activewear & Sportswear

Sporty and Fabulous

Sneakers, check. Smartwatch, check. Water bottle, check. But wait, where’s your sports bra? And is it suitable for the kind of activity you’re getting set for? Are your tights or shorts appropriate for your sport?

Slipping into your sports bra is as important as changing into sneakers before working out. While bras are essential, choosing comfortable bottoms helps avoid chafing and optimizes your performance to a large extent too. Oh, and how can we forget cute and comfortable tank tops in colours that suit your fitness mood for the day!

We’re talking all about getting fit while looking and feeling fab, read on to know more.

All You Need to Know About Sports Bras

Sporting activities involve movement and impact that may affect your breast tissue in the long run and avoiding discomfort is the best way to perform better while feeling your very best. It is a known fact that 80% of women wear the wrong bra size, but it doesn’t have to be this way. At amanté, we’re all about the perfect fit and Fit Calculator is here to help you.

1. Low Impact Sports Bras

Low Impact Sports Bras

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Activities like walking, yoga or pilates don’t involve a lot of up and down or rigorous motion. They're slower and more controlled movements that cause a lower impact on your breasts. Hence, low-impact sports bras are an appropriate choice for these activities.

Low impact sports bras hold your breasts in place and keep you comfortable too. These bras typically feature a cup-less design and restrict movement by compressing the breasts tightly against the chest.

2. Medium to High Impact Sports Bras

Medium to High Impact Sports Bras

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The unique motion of running or jumping causes your breasts to move swiftly. This motion puts your breast ligaments under a huge strain. Without the right support, you are sure to experience discomfort and some cases, damage.

Some research shows that a lot of women change the way they run or reduce the effort they put into an exercise because of the discomfort or embarrassment they feel when wearing a wrong or ill-fitting bra.

Medium to high impact sports bras become the perfect choice for you. They restrict breast movement and keep them in place while you work out, run or jog. These bras are made with a more defined cup structure design to hold and support each breast while compressing them in place.

From the Top to the Bottom of it

Gym OOTDs are super important for us today and while getting the lighting, flexes and pose right, nailing the outfit is essential too. We’ve noticed that most of the time the only concern is avoiding panty lines, so we suggest choosing cotton seamless panties for no visible panty lines.

Tired of looking for the perfect gym tights, sports tops or shorts? Well, turn your frowns upside down, because we’ve got some super cute and comfortable choices in the fitness wear department for you to choose from.

1. Fitness Pants

Fitness Pants

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Get your fit on with these fitted high-rise fitness pants! They come with light compression for extra comfort and feature a hidden pocket on the waistband for functionality. The mesh lining on the waistband gives you added support and shape too!

2. Fitness Shorts

Fitness Shorts

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Kill your next workout in fitness shorts from amanté. These babies feature compression zones for added support and comfort along with a unique wide waistband that gives you tummy control.

3. Fitness Capris

Fitness Capris

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Add some style to your workout sessions with these fitted high-rise capri tights that come with light compression giving you complete freedom of movement. Featuring a mesh-lined waistband with a hidden pocket, these pants are just what you need to live the active life.

4. T-shirts


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Look fab while getting fit in this seamless and smooth fitness tee. Wick away sweat and let your skin breathe as you workout in style.

5. Sports Cami

Sports Cami

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Embrace your fitness diva vibe with the seamless cami! The crisscross back details give support with a stylish edge and help keep you fresh and comfortable all through your workout. The cami also features knitted dot zones for added style and texture.

New Year is right around the corner and it’s time to get your resolutions in place! Get your fitness fix from amanté and get sweating.

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