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Our range of high-impact sports bras are designed to keep you cool, comfortable and stylish. These sports bras are for activities that involve a lot of moving around, such as running, playing tennis or squash, kickboxing, and activities alike. Try them out now, you won’t be disappointed!

Wearing the right fitness bra is important especially during high intensity workouts. It should be an integral part of your workout regime. Wearing a wrong bra during workouts not only leaves you feeling uncomfortable, but can also have an adverse effect in the long run. At amanté, we understand the importance of wearing the right sports bra and have designed bras for all your workout needs.

Powered with technology and built with compression fit, our high impact sports bras minimize the movement of your bust and provides ideal support during workouts. These bras essentially offer full coverage and come with adjustable wide straps, soft foam cups and fun designs that allows you to stay focused and ool during your high intensity workouts.

Best Sports Bra in India

Wearing the right kind of clothing is especially important during workout sessions. While a lot is focused on outerwear, it is also important to invest in good sports bras to ensure enough support is given to the bust during workouts. amanté offers the best sports bras in India and amanté’s sports bras are made of breathable fabric that provides stretch and support during intensive training. These fabrics come with moisture wicking properties to keep the wearer fresh, dry, and comfortable. If you wish to own a trendy, comfortable, and highly supportive range of sports bras for high, medium, and low-impact workouts, explore amanté’s wide range of sports bra collections. Here are features that make amanté sports bras the best.

  1. Support: amanté high impact sports bras offer a compression fit, restricting the movement of the bust. This provides support to the bust, holding them in place during high impact workouts
  2. Fabrics: High and medium impact sports bras are designed with polyamide fabrics, which make it easy on the skin during workouts as they are highly breathable
  3. Moisture wicking property: amanté’s high impact sports bras are made of performance fabrics that possess moisture wicking properties keeping you fresh for long hours of workout
  4. Back hook and eye closure: While most ordinary sports bras are slip on, amanté high impact sports bras are designed with a back hook and eye. This makes it easier to wear and remove after a heavy workout. It also gives the option to customize the fit
  5. Adjustable back straps: Wearers can loosen the straps while doing yoga and tighten them during high impact workouts. Either way, straps play an important role and add to the support