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So, there are a whole LOT of bra types out there. But what’s the difference and how does it even matter, you ask? Confused between a plunge and a balconette? Can’t make up your mind between choosing a wired or non-wired? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Now you’ll never have to guess which type of bra is right for you.

First, let’s understand the different types of bras based on their construction, neckline, neckline shape and function. Once you’re done with this, we’ll go into explaining each type in detail.

Bra types based on Construction:

  • Padded
  • Non-padded
  • Wired
  • Non-wired

Bra types based on Coverage:

Bra types based on Neckline:

  • Sweetheart neckline
  • Plunge
  • Balconette
  • Round

Bra types based on Functionality:

  • T-shirt Bra
  • Push-up Bra
  • Strapless/multiway Bra
  • Sports Bra
  • Minimiser
  • Bralette
  • Front closure Bra
  • Nursing
  • Bandeau/Tube bra
  • Full figure
  • Plus size
  • Stick on
  • Beginners/teens
  • Seamless
  • Sleep Bra/lounge bra
  • Backless bra

Bra types based on Construction:

Types of Bras based on Construction

1. Padded Bra

Padded Bras for Women Online in India - Bra types

A padded bra's smooth, moulded cups will give you an uplifted and seam-free look. Many amanté padded bras come with 2MM padding, which is ultra-thin. They not only provide the right kind of coverage but also give you a sleek look.

Amante Style Chart
Bra Sizes available 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44
Bust type Round, Asymmetrical, Slender, Athletic
Clothing T-shirt, Kurta, Dress, Blouse, Top
Price starts from 445

2. Non-Padded Bra


Non Padded Bras - Bra Types

Non-padded types of bras don't come with additional padding in the cups. The cups are simple in form and come with two or more layers of fabric. Women with fuller breasts may often be seen opting for non-padded bras. Without the padding, you might feel that the bra is not overly accentuating your breasts but is also providing you with the right amount of support you need.

Amante Style Chart
Bra Sizes available 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44
Bust type Round, Slender, Bell Shape
Clothing Indian wear, Blouse
Price starts from 445

3. Wired Bra

Underwire Bra and Wired Bras for Women - Bra Types

With a metal underwire sewn into the cups, a wired bra supports and shapes your breasts to create the perfect silhouette. You'll get that much-needed support and lift with this style. This type of bra is available in both full coverage and demi coverage styles.

Amante Style Chart
Bra Sizes available 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44
Bust type Round, Tear Drop
Clothing Tops, T-shirt, Indian Wear
Price starts from 645

4. Non-Wired Bra

Non-Wired Bra or Wireless Bras - Types of bra

The non-wired bra doesn't have a metal underwire in the cups, making it much more flexible and easy to move in. The elasticity of the band and straps provide support to your breasts. Perfect for comfort and long periods.

Amante Style Chart
Bra Sizes available 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44
Bust type Round, Tear Drop
Clothing Tops, T-shirt, Indian Wear
Price starts from 445

Bra types based on Coverage:

Types of bra based on Coverage

1. Full Coverage Bra

Full coverage bra for heavy breast - Bra Types

A full cover bra offers more coverage for the top of the breast while providing support and comfort all day long. Available in seamless options to be worn under fitted clothing, this style is perfect for women with heavier bust sizes who want to eliminate any movement in their bust or as an everyday bra which offers complete coverage.

2. Demi Cup Bra

Demi Cup Bras - Bra Types

With cups that cover half the breasts, the demi bra provides a natural look to your bust with the same comfort as a T-shirt bra. The cups of these bras offer less coverage than full cup bras but more than a balconette. They also provide lift to your bust and accentuate your cleavage.

3. Extra Full Coverage Bra

A full-coverage bra with cups that completely cover the breast tissue - Bra Types

The name says it all. Adding to the benefits of full cover bras, extra full coverage bras offer coverage and shaping over and above the regular full coverage styles. Available in different types, these bras can be worn under form-fitting outfits and help bring a sense of confidence and comfort to women with larger breast sizes.

Bra types based on Neckline:

Types of bra based on Neckline

1. Sweetheart Neckline

Sweet-heart neckline bra - Bra Types

The sweetheart neckline bra is perfect for any outfit with a low neckline! It provides medium coverage for natural cleavage and all the comfort and support you need to look gorgeous and effortless.

Amante Style Chart
Bra Sizes available 32, 34, 36, 38
Bust type Slender
Clothing Evening dress

2. Plunge Neckline

Plunge Bra Deep Plunge - Bra Types

The plunge bra has cups which are low cut, making them perfect for outfits with low necklines. These bras are also available with padding, providing a certain degree of lift and contouring to your bust.

Amante Style Chart
Bra Sizes available 32, 34, 36, 38
Bust type Slender, Bell-shaped, Close-set
Clothing Any deep neckline outfits
Price starts from 745

3. Balconette Neckline

Balconette Bras - Bra Types

With cups that only cover your breasts partially, the Balconette bra offers much less coverage than a T-shirt or a push-up bra. It gives you a natural lift and a much more naturally contoured look. Because this type of bra offers less coverage, it is better suited to women with small to average-sized busts. As the straps are wide, balconette bras make for excellent inner wear when wearing a boat neck silhouette.

Amante Style Chart
Bra Sizes available 32, 34, 36, 38
Bust type Tear Drop, Relaxed
Clothing Any deep neckline outfits
Price starts from 1245

4. Round Neckline

Round neck Bras - Bra Types

Round neckline bras come in various styles. Halter bras, lounge bras and sports bras are some examples. These bras help provide breathing space for your breasts.

Amante Style Chart
Bra Sizes available XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
Bust type Bell-shaped
Clothing Any outfit
Price starts from 445

Bra types based on Functionality:

Types of bra based on Functionality

1. T-Shirt Bra

T-Shirt Bras - Bra Types

The T-Shirt Bra is a staple and MUST Have in every woman's wardrobe. Generally seamless with moulded cups, it provides a smooth look, which makes it ideal for under-fitted clothing.

Note: With amanté's ultra-light 2MM padding, these bras can contour and accentuate your figure without making you feel bulky.

Amante Style Chart
Bra Sizes available 32, 34, 36, 38, 40
Bust type Athletic, East West
Clothing Fitted outfits
Price starts from 645

2. Push-Up Bra

Push up bras - Bra Types

The padding in a push-up bra will centre, shape and accentuate your bust. It can also help you go up a cup size for a more 'full' look. Push-up bras also help give a uniform appearance for asymmetrical bust shapes. Being one of the most popular bras, they are available in wired and non-wired options and with full-coverage or demi cups. Push-up bras are great for when you want to accentuate your silhouette or when you plan to wear an outfit with a low neckline. Seamless push-up bras that can be worn under tight shirts and fitted T-Shirts.

Amante Style Chart
Bra Sizes available 32, 34, 36
Bust type Wide Set, Slender, Side Set
Clothing Deep neckline outfits
Price starts from 1245

    3. Strapless/Multiway Bra

    Multiway Bras and Convertible Straps Bra - Bra Types

    Stylish yet invisible, the strapless bra gives you all the support of a regular bra without the shoulder straps. This makes the strapless bra perfect for when you want to wear an off-shoulder or halter-neck style outfit.

    A strapless bra can come with detachable straps that can make it a multiway bra. The multiway bra is one of the most versatile bras types in lingerie. With straps that detach at one or both ends, they can be re-attached in multiple ways to meet the needs of different outfits.

    The straps can be worn:

    • Traditionally – both straps attach the front to back
    • Strapless – without the Strap
    • Single Strap – with only one Strap
    • Halter-neck – with a single strap around the neck
    • Cross-back – with the straps crossing across the back
    Amante Style Chart
    Bra Sizes available 32, 34, 36
    Bust type Wide Set, Slender, Side Set
    Clothing Deep neckline outfits
    Price starts from 1245

    4. Bralette

    Bralette Tops Bra - Bra Types

    This fashion-first style is perfect for special occasions. They look great when worn under sheer ensembles, blazers and tops with plunging necklines, or even worn on their own with a chic pair of trousers! A bralette has no underwire, making it very easy to slip it on and move freely while wearing one.

    Amante Style Chart
    Bra Sizes available S, M, L, XL
    Bust type Athletic, Slender, Round,
    Clothing Shirts, Tops, Sheer outfits, Dresses, Fushion Wear
    Price starts from 573

    5. Front Closure Bra

    Front Closure & Hook Bras - Bra Types

    A front closure bra has a clasp in the front, right between the cups, rather than on the back of the band. The clasp is located at the front of the bra and offers a smooth finish at the back. This bra style is available in various fun colours, perfect for those deep neckline outfits.

    6. Nursing Bra

    Model wearing amante nursing bra pink color

    A blessing to nursing mothers, the nursing bra is specifically designed to aid and assist women during the breastfeeding stage. They come with additional panels or clasps that open over the breasts, making them accessible and enabling women to feed the baby without taking off the bra.

    7. Bandeau/Tube Bra

    Tube Bras or Bandeau - Bra Types

    Basic, simple and as the name suggests, a band-like bra or a tube without wiring and straps. Bandeau bras may or may not have padding or can come with removable pads. This style is excellent for halter necks, racerbacks and tops with more visible shoulders.

    8. Full-Figure bra

    Full figure bras - Bra Types

    Full-figure bras are a big girl's dream come true! These bras are designed for women who are well-endowed and have fuller bosoms. Designed especially with bigger bust sizes, full-figure bras feature cups that provide full coverage and reduced spilling. The wide side wings and broader straps offer support and comfort to your breasts. Sizes range from DD cups all the way to E and F too!

    Amante Style Chart
    Bra Sizes available 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42
    Bust type Bell Shape, Tear Drop, Round
    Clothing Shirts, Tops, Dresses, Indian Wear
    Price starts from 695

    9. Plus-Size Bra

    Full figure bras - Bra Types

    Like full-figure bras, plus-size bras are an attractive choice for curvy women who are of plus size. While full-figure bras focus on cup sizes, plus-size bras concentrate more on thicker band sizes for proper support.

    10. Stick-On Bra

    Stick On Women's Bras - Bra Types

    Adhesive, glue-on, or stick-on bras have no band or straps; they simply feature cups with an inner adhesive surface that can sit firmly on your breasts. While they don't provide much support, they offer coverage and keep nipples sheltered when wearing a revealing outfit.

    11. Beginner’s/Teen’s Bra

    Model wearing a teen's bra or a beginner's bra

    As girls begin their foray into the world of womanhood, they must start with a beginner or training bra that provides support and structure in their teen years. Teen bras are perfect for growing bodies. They are usually light, non-wired and non-padded styles but can also be simple sporty slip-on styles.

    12. Seamless Bra

    Seamless Bra - Bra Types

    Tight-fitting t-shirts and tops can now be worn without stress. Enter the seamless bra. These bras have moulded cups with no seams. Usually made from a light blend of fabric, these bras provide a very smooth finish under clothes and ensure a seamless silhouette. Seamless bras can be worn by women of all breast sizes.

    13. Sleep/Lounge Bra

    Sleep Bras or Lounge Bra or Night Bra - Bra Types

    Buttery soft and lightweight, sleep bras are perfect for snoozing and lounging around. They provide a 'barely-there' feeling, allowing your breasts to breathe without constricting them.
    They usually come in slip-on styles and comfortable cotton fabric.

    Amante Style Chart
    Bra Sizes available S, M, L, XL
    Bust type Athletic, Slender, Round
    Clothing T-shirt, Nightwear
    Price starts from 445

    14. Backless/Transparent Back Bra

    Model wearing backless bra

    Come summer, many back-baring gowns, dresses and tops take centre stage. Backless bras come in various styles like nipple covers, stick-on butterfly bras or silicone cups. The common factor is an adhesive surface that sticks to your breast and creates a smooth surface under the garments. On the other hand, they can come with transparent straps on the back as well, which provide the required support and confidence without ruining the beauty of your backless or low back dresses.

    15. Sports Bra

    Sports Bras - Bra Types

    A regular bra will support you through your day but isn't meant to be worn during any intense activity. Designed to support your breasts and back during physical activities, a sports bra can be categorized based on the intensity of the physical activity.

    Amante Style Chart
    Bra Sizes available S, M, L, XL
    Bust type All bust shape
    Clothing Activewear, Athleisure
    Price starts from 697



    15.1 LOW IMPACT

    Designed for comfort first and support second, a low-impact sports bra is very flexible and allows you to move freely. It's perfect for low-intensity activities such as yoga, walking, pilates and cycling and can be done comfortably with a low-impact sports bra.


    With more support than a low-impact sports bra, a medium-impact sports bra is ideal for any activity, resulting in a more significant amount of breast movement and 'bounce'. Hiking, playing golf, weight lifting, and power walking are activities that are ideal for this type of sports bra.

    15.3 HIGH IMPACT

    A high-impact sports bra provides the highest degree of support to the breasts. Wear a high-impact sports bra whenever you're doing any activity, which could create a lot of movement of the bust, like running, skipping, jogging, etc.

    Well, that's all for now. Don't get overwhelmed. Make sure you choose the right bra based on the function you'd like it to serve. Some are must-haves, some are bare essentials, and others might be for a special occasion. In case you're wondering which bra style suits your breast shape, we have another blog on different types of breast shapes. The perfect bra for you is out there. It's time to go looking!



    What are different types of bras for?

    There are several types of bras available. T-shirt bra, multiway bra, push up bra, slip-on bra, bralette, minimiser bra, full figure bra, sports bra, balconette bra are a few to name.

    How many types of bras exist?

    At amanté, we offer 27 different types of bras.

    Which type of bra should we wear?

    What type of bra to wear, is a personal choice based on what you’re comfortable wearing. We recommend bras made of cotton and microfiber fabrics for everyday wear as they offer long hours of comfort. A full figure bra is a good choice for something who has fuller cups or bigger bust size.

    What is the most common bra type?

    A T-shirt bra is the most common type of bra.

    How many types of padded bras are there?

    At amanté, we offer 27 types of padded bra.

    Which is the best type of bra to wear to the beach?

    A bikini is the best type of swimwear to wear to the beach. We don’t recommend wearing regular bras to beach.

    Which type of bra gives the most comfort?

    Bras that fit well, made of premium quality fabrics offer most comfort. For every day wear, try cotton bras, T-shirt bras for maximum comfort.

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