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Whether you’re craving for something that’s sensuous or for something that’s more functional like a no-panty-line look, thongs are your go-to. Thongs have become increasing popular among women for several reasons. While low coverage is one reason, this panty style also adds to the inner confidence. It lets us flaunt any outfit with ease, style and comfort.

Our range of thongs are low-rise and cover less than half of the rear area. It is the perfect lingerie to wear with those outfits where otherwise, the bump of your panty line could ruin the outfit. Flaunting those body hugging dresses was never so easy with these low-rise thongs.

Thong FAQs:

What are some of the benefits of wearing thongs?

Unique design: They are lightweight, made of soft fabrics and with the addition of thongs in your wardrobe you may break out those dresses you’ve been putting off for so long.

Stays invisible: Stylishly invisible, the thong eliminates any chances of visible panty lines. If you’re planning an evening in a fitted dress, the thong will be your best friend!

Feel good factor: The most sensual type of panty yet, these thongs not only offer a functional benefit, but also make you look beautiful inside out.

Beautiful designs: Made of softest of fabrics, these thongs come with intricate lace detailing. Never again will you have to sacrifice your glam quotient to feel ever-comfortable.

What’s is a thong?

Thong is type of panty that gives minimal coverage at the back so no panty line is visible through the outfit. They are T-shaped at the back with no fabric coverage and are generally low waist with high leg-cuts.

When can I wear a thong?

A thong can be worn under a fitted trousers or a dress to ensure that the panty-line doesn’t ruin the overall look of your outfit.

Can I wear a thong everyday?

Yes, you may. It all depends on your personal choice and the level of comfort you’re seeking.

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