Sports Bra Rulebook - Everything Your Sports Bra Should Do

Sports Bra Rulebook Everything Your Sports Bra Should Do

Staying fit and healthy is the best gift you can give to yourself. Good skin, better metabolism and a fit bod are a few of the many benefits of a fit and healthy lifestyle. But fitness does come with its own set of obstacles when it comes to women, particularly in the breast and bra department.

The issue lies in the unique motion of running, jumping and other activity that causes your breasts to move in. Depending on your level of intensity in the workout, the breasts can sometimes move up and down as much as eight inches. This puts the connective tissues that help support your breasts under a lot of strain. A good sports bra can cut that movement in half—which is key to protecting the breast tissue from damage.

When shopping for sports bras in India, if you’re the kind who falls flat for flashy colours, then chances are that you’re not buying the right one. While there is no dearth of sportswear for women, choosing the right bra requires you to consider a few factors.

That’s why we are here to help you pick the right sports bra for yourself with the sports bra checklist. And trust us, it’s not rocket science.

The amanté Sports Bra Rulebook

1. As Intense as it Gets

Sports Bra

There are three types of sports bras in the activewear section of your favourite store. Choose from high impact, medium impact and low impact styles.

2. Strap it Right!

Sports Bra in India

There’s no better feeling than a bra that you can just slip into, right? If you like wearing pullover bras, remember to repurchase as the straps lose their elasticity after a few wears and there is no scope of adjusting the straps. If you’re in for the long haul, then you must look for an adjustable strap that can support your breasts properly and be adjusted with your transforming body too.

3. Cup Size Matters, Cupcake


Yes, sports bras mostly come in basic S, M, L sizes, but a bra that is meant to support your breasts as you jump up and down and shuffle from side to side. Make sure you measure yourself based on the brand’s size chart and accordingly choose the right bra.

4. Let them Breathe…


Your breasts need to breathe too, you know. When choosing a bra make sure that they are made with breathable sweat-wicking fabrics. Having panels is a plus because they ensure zero spillage. When trying your bra out, you should be able to pull the bottom band of your sports bra from the centre at least half an inch. If you’re able to do this, then great and if not, size up doll.

5. The More, The Merrier


No one bra does it all. So, make sure that your wardrobe has a good mix of sports bras that vary in impact. Whether it’s yoga day or you’ve got a cardio sesh planned, you’ll have options.

6. Know When It’s Time to Say Goodbye

Yes, we girls tend to have one piece of clothing or lingerie that we never seem to be able to get rid of. Well, clinging on to a worn-out sports bra is not a good idea, so know when it’s time to let go.

When is it time to replace your bra?

  1. Your breasts move when you workout and the bra is not as supportive as it was when you first bought it.
  2. A foul smell stays on even after you’ve washed it.

Tip For Getting The Perfect Fit

Now girls, even though you have your measurements, finding the right sports bra can be tricky and you might have to go through a few tests before making the final choice.

Test Your Bra: Before buying your bra, jump around and swing your arms – (no one’s watching you in the trial room so chill) Jumping Jacks or imitation skipping rope jumps are the best choice.

That’s all from us, you can always keep this bookmarked with you the next time you’re going sports bra shopping.

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