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Crafted to give you a luxurious feel and an exotic look, we take great care and effort to design our nightwear collection. Sleep like a baby in these styles, you are certain to wake up with a glow! Made with finest, softest modal and satin fabrics these styles also boast of intricate lace detailing. Shop our ultra-soft range of sleepwear collection versatile for bedtime and everything else in between.

These breezy silhouettes are bound to bring a magical touch and will become a quick favourite in your sleepwear collection. Envelop yourself in our timelessly chic sleepwear collection; look and feel your best from dusk till dawn, you are sure to wake up feeling refreshed! Shop the exciting range of nightwear at amanté online store.

Chemise: Our range of chemises nightwear are a perfect mix of sensual and sweet. With many variations in sizes, colours, patterns and detailing, these beauties won’t disappoint you when you’re ready to wind down, after a long day. Chemise is perfect to be worn while sleeping or lounging and what’s great? You will look oh-so good in it! Explore our range today!

Babydolls: Embrace your feminine beauty with our sensuous and sweet range of babydolls. Crafted using the exotic satin and lace fabrics, our babydolls nightwear fall gently on your skin and offer a distinctly sensual yet luxurious vibe. Add these stunning pieces to your sleepwear collection that lets you relax in the utmost ease and luxury.

Camisole: Our range of camisoles keep you in cloudlike comfort from sunset to sunrise! Versatile in design, fit and style these nightwear are made with luxurious soft fabrics with pretty lace detailing. So stay stylish while you’re simply lounging on your couch or catching up on some sleep!

Robes: Lounge in utmost comfort in our beautiful tie-up robes that combine the best of styles and comfort so you can emanate your sensuous and alluring feminine aura. Essentially, our nightwear robes come in soft satin, rayon and modal fabrics, with intricate detailing. You really won’t be able to resist the charm of our robes. Go on, check them out for yourself!

Shorts: Jump into fairytale in our sleek shorts that are made of soft premium fabrics such as modal and satin. Mid-rise and above knee-length, the waistband of our shorts don’t roll down; stays in place giving you a secure feel for unrestricted movement all day long. Sleep, laze around, listen to music in these stylish shorts from amanté.

3/4th Length Pyjama Bottoms: Enter sleep mode and get your beauty sleep in our 3/4th length pyjamas. Ultra-soft and crafted to perfection, these nightwear styles are designed using soft modal fabrics that fall gently on your skin to give you a breathable style and a second-skin sensation. The pretty lace detailing on these bottoms, lend a touch of soft femininity to the overall appearance, making you look elegant.

Full-length Pyjama Bottoms: Offering unmatched comfort, fit and style, our pyjama bottoms come in seamless style, which will not cause any friction or chafing on your skin, thus making you feel at utmost ease while lounging or sleeping. Made of soft modal fabric, these nightwear pyjamas essentially offer a relaxed fit. Detailing like side seam hem and satin waist band gives you a feel of luxury!


What should you wear to sleep?

It’s advisable to wear airy nightwear which are made of soft breathable fabric. Pyjamas, shorts, chemise are some of the most comfortable nightwear you can wear while sleeping.

Which fabric is best for nightwear?

Cotton, satin and rayon are some of the best suited fabrics for nightwear.

Is polyester good for nightwear?

Polyester is not the most recommended type of fabric for nightwear. It’s not a natural fabric and hence is not breathable and comfortable at the same time.

How can I choose a nightwear according to season?

On warmer days, it’s best to go for airy nightwear made of cotton fabric. Chemise, T-shirt and shorts are recommended. During winters, full-sleeve tops, warm pyjamas made of rayon fabric can be a preferred choice.

What are the popular types of nightwear?

Pyjamas, shorts, tops, camisoles, chemise, sleep dress, babydoll and robe are some of the popular types of nightwear.

Is nightwear different from lounge wear?

Lounge wear is designed for home and to run small errands whereas nightwear is designed and meant for bedtime only.

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