Types of Nightwear for Every Women

Nightwear That’s Just Right

Types of Nightwear for Every Women

Sleepy bye bye. The teletubbies sure got it right, after a long day you just want to say bye bye to everything, slip into your cosy bed and drift away into dreamland.

Or get some tunes going, light up a few candles and get jiggy wit’ it.

While white noise machines, 100 count cotton bedsheets, silk pillowcases, dim lighting, scented candles and music create the perfect sleeping atmosphere, we often skip or forget about nightwear.

Getting to the point, bedtime means different things to different people at different times, and we totally understand that everything revolves around these ‘moods and moments’.

Nightwear or sleepwear, call it what you may, it plays a humongous role in our lives. Whether you're feeling romantic, grumpy, PMSing or just drained out, there’s a piece out there to fit your every mood.

Let’s GOOO!

First off, we’re listing out the different types of nightwear to look out for.

1. Chemise & Babydolls


Chemises and babydolls are usually single short nighties. Lace nightwear makes a style statement and has a very feminine charm. Satin fabrics and lace trims give a sense of luxury along with comfort. Perfect for a romantic evening or a girl’s night in.

2. Sleep Sets

Nightwear Short

Sleep sets are perfect for a good night’s sleep. They come in variants of shorts and pyjamas with tops that could be camisoles, tank tops or even full-sleeve tees. Perfect for a cosy evening or a movie.

3. Sleep Dress

Comfortable Nightwear

Sleep dresses come in a variety of styles and lengths. You can choose between short, long and medium depending on your comfort level. These dresses are designed to fall comfortably on all body types and are made of soft and comfortable fabric that lulls you to sleep. Perfect for any occasion.

Now that you have a basic understanding of the different styles out there, here’s a list of our favourite picks for different moods and moments.

Feeling Cute, Are We?

SleepwearSHOP: Adore Full Length Chemise

There are days when you feel like pampering yourself and slipping into something a little chic and cute. A chemise is perfect for those days and is sure to make you feel pretty and fabulous too.

Comfort is Key

Sleepwaer Pyjama BottomSHOP: Cotton Blend Sleep Tank Top

For the days when all you need is a comfortable set to snuggle into bed with and dose off into a deep sleep, the sleep tee teamed with shorts or capri are a perfect choice. These styles engulf you in a warm embrace before sending you to sleepy bye-bye.

A Romantic Evening on Your Mind?

ChemiseSHOP: Lace Touch Sleep Camisole

If you’re planning a little something special for you and your partner, then slipping into a lace babydoll might just be perfect! Lace trims and satin fabric make our camisole and shorts set special and ideal for date night too.

We hope this little guide helps you pick the sweetest and perfect sleepwear for you to get a restful and pleasant sleep.

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