The Comfort You Deserve - Loungewear Tips to Make Your Stay at Home Fun and Easy

The Comfort You Deserve - Loungewear Tips to Make Your Stay at Home Fun and Easy

Just because you’re working from home or spending a lot of time at home, doesn’t mean you have to stay in your PJs all day.. Or does it? Never underestimate the power of a cute stay-in outfit to perk up your daily stroll to the kitchen and your work desk/dining table.

Loungewear has developed into a full-blown fashion category, from sleep sets to cozy dresses and pajamas so comfy you'll happily take them for a spin outside the house.

Today, we’re dishing all about stay-in outfits and loungewear that speaks to the comfort seekers soul.

1: Try mixing pieces from different sets of your loungewear to create a whole new vibe in your look. Pairing simple but structured items with soft pieces can add refinement while still feeling right at home.

2: If you have a heavy schedule with quite a few meetings lined up, then opt for a dress or T-shirt that makes you look perky and crisp.

3: For a movie night or a night in with the girls, choose a cute chemise or maybe this pair of adorable shorts that keep you comfy all night.

4: Exude high-end appeal in a head-to-toe tonal look. Choose monotones and colour blocked pieces.

5: A statement chunky necklace or pair of hoops will take even the simplest of loungewear basics to next-level chic.

6: If it’s the “I don’t feel like doing anything” kind of day, then cosy up in a full sleeve tee with matching PJ’s and sip on a hot cocoa with some Netflix.

Well, that’s it from us this time. Don’t forget to check out our latest loungewear collection on amanté.

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