Best Comfortable Loungewear Sets for Women

Lounge in Style and Comfort

Waking up in the morning and walking to your first meeting of the day straight from bed has always been the dream, hasn't it? With how things have been lately WFH has become a reality and let’s just say, we’re loving it. Now more than ever, we are choosing comfortable loungewear to work and hang around at home in. Meeting OOTDs are all about shirts paired with soft lounge pants or pyjamas and a mug of coffee is the accessory of the season. Life indoors is now an option that we’re starting to take a strong liking to, with all the comfort and freedom that come with it.

Yes, dressing up for work was exciting but planning a whole day of comfort sounds so much better. Spending a day in your pyjamas might sound fun, but it's also possible to find clothing that feels like sleepwear without looking like it.

If that’s what you’re looking for then we’ve got an all new loungewear collection for you to browse through. Whether you’re looking for a couple of Tees or some comfortable bottoms, we’ve got a little something for you.

1. Pyjama Party!

pyjama bottomsSHOP: Pyjama Bottoms

Stretchy clothes are the best, and these pyjama bottoms are all about that stretch and comfort. The unique cotton blend is perfect for working, sitting on the couch or even dancing in! Pair these with the sleep tee and you’ve got yourself a pyjama party outfit.

2. Sleeve Me Alone

Long Sleeve TeeSHOP: Long Sleeve Tee

Feeling a little chilly in the air conditioning? Then slip into this long sleeve tee and get the best of both worlds. Put together a trendy lounge look with this soft tee and shorts or pyjamas and you’ve got yourself a fab and comfy outfit.

3. Sleepy Time

Sleep TeeSHOP: Sleep Tee

Sleep like a baby in this super-soft tee made for comfort and lazing around in. The best part? It can be worn when you’re out and about running errands too!

4. Dress up for Dreamland

Sleep Dress SHOP: Sleep Dress

Dress like bedtime is a party with this high-low sleep dress. Slip into them and start dreaming happy dreams.

5. Shorts! Shorts! Shorts!

Sleep Shorts SHOP: Sleep Shorts

Slip into these sleep shorts that are so lightweight, you will want to start living in them. Perfect to be paired with a tank, tee or just about anything.

6. The Capri of good dreams

Capri PantsSHOP: Capri Pants

Get set to look fab in capri cut-offs made for lounging and running errands too. The capris are versatile enough to wear outdoors as well. Pair it with a tee or tank for an overall look.

7. All about the layers

Tank TopSHOP: Tank Top

Tank tops are the best choice for your sleep time and can even be layered with bottoms for a day out.

Want that effortless “oh-just-threw-this-on” loungewear look? Our new sleepwear collection is all about undeniably chic, minimal pieces that can be worn together as matching sets or paired with a shirt for a meeting.

Now that you’ve had a sneak peek into the collection, it’s time to fill up that shopping bag and give yourself a brand-new loungewear wardrobe.

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