The Perfect Lingerie to Pair with Leggings

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Whether you are running errands, going to college, heading to the office, or going to workout, leggings are the go-to choice for everyone these days. They can be sporty, smart, casual, dressy or neon! Athleisure is everywhere you look and comfort and style come together with these versatile bottoms.

Jeggings give you that peachy bottom finish and enhance your bottom. But all that fab effort can go to waste if panty lines make a special appearance. Uh oh! Those pesky lines can ruin the most amazing outfit and cause a tiny bit of embarrassment too. Panties with those thick elastic legs are the culprit and steering clear of them is the best bet if you want to rock those jeggings.

To keep up with the athleisure trend and rock that jegging look, here’s our list of jegging friendly panties that don’t fold, rise or have visible panty lines.

Let’s check out the 3 panty styles:

1. Thong


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Stylishly invisible, the thong offers the least amount of coverage, while also eliminating any chances of visible panty lines. If you’re planning an evening in a fitted pair of tights or jeggings the thong will be your best friend!

2. Boyshorts


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The boyshorts silhouette is the perfect combination of modest, coverage and comfort. Elastic-free around the legs and with a supportive logo waistband, this silhouette will keep you comfortable and supported throughout the day. This style can be paired with leggings, for a no panty line look.

3. Seamless Panty

Seamless panty

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Visible panty lines can ruin the entire aesthetic of your outfit. With a seamless panty on, you’ll never have to think about them ever again, no matter how fitted your outfit may be. With no visible elastic and panty lines, this brief is perfect for wearing under form-fitting jeggings.

If leggings have become your second skin then this list must be a part of your lingerie drawer for sure! With these panties, you can be sure to embrace the jegging trend and ace it too.

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