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Summer is that time we get out to get some vitamin D. We are learning new skills such taking swimming classes, going on beach holidays sipping on some cocktails and simply getting into the pool in our buildings because hey, the sun is finally out! Flip flops, hats, colourful umbrellas and watermelons are all things that we think of when we think of pool day but what about your swimsuit? How sorted are you on that front? Time to refresh your swimwear wardrobe and update with the latest and trendiest one-piece swimsuits with amanté.

Benefits of Wearing One-piece Swimsuit

One-piece swimsuit is a type of swimwear that’s vastly worn by women in India. You can wear them to swim classes, chill day by the pool or even for a day building sand castle by the beach. Some of the advantage of wearing one-piece swimsuits are as follows:

  1. One-piece swimsuit gives more coverage to your body than a bikini does. If you are not confident enough to wear a bikini, a swimsuit could you your perfect choice. It’s comfortable and gives you that additional coverage that you need
  2. It has that classic look. One-piece swimsuit is one of the oldest swimwear and a classic one at that. Of course, now we have a modern take on one pieces. Ruffles, racerback, bandeau style are some of the ways it’s been modernised. On-piece swimsuits are the type of swimwear that will never go out of style.
  3. One-piece swimsuit gives better protection to your skin from chlorinated water. This is because of the additional coverage it provides
  4. If you wear the right sized swimsuit, you don’t have to worry about the straps slipping off as it sits sung on your shoulders
  5. You can wear a swimsuit even when you are out of water. Team it up with a pair of denim shorts for a chill time by the pool
  6. It gives you a flattering look. A one-piece swimsuit takes the form of your natural silhouette and hides any additional bulges

How to find perfect fit for one-piece swimsuit?

With amanté’s fit calculator, finding a swimsuit your size is a piece of cakewalk. Bring out that measuring tape, check for your size against the size chart and you can quickly make that purchase.

Swimsuit - FAQs

What is the most comfortable swimsuit?

Range of swimsuits by amanté are comfortable. We have different neckline coverage options, so depending on your level of comfort, you may pick one.

What is the best swimsuit for tummy control?

Due to the very nature of our swimsuits and the coverage it provides, all our swimsuits provide some about of tummy control.

What is a swimsuit or beachwear that makes everyone go "Wow!"?

For that ‘wow’ factor, we recommend you to go with either a one-piece swimsuit or a bikini top and a bottom.

Is it okay to wear a one-piece swimsuit to the beach?

Yes, it is absolutely fine to wear one-piece swimsuit to the beach.

How do you wash a swimsuit?

Always wash your swimsuit in cold water. And hand wash them at all times. Do not use detergent while washing your swimsuit because they tend to damage the elastane. And dry them in shade and not in direct sunlight.

How do I choose a suitable swimsuit?

It depends on the level of your comfort with coverage a swimsuit provides and what you can carry off confidently.

What are some tips to make swimsuits last longer?

Some of the tips to make your swimwear last longer are:

  1. Do not leave your swimwear in the bag post your swim for long hours. This could damage the elastane due to chlorinated water
  2. Always hand wash your swimwear post every swim
  3. Use cold water while washing your swimwear
  4. Don’t use detergent while washing your swimwear. If you wish to, then opt for a mild one
  5. Always dry your swimwear in shade and not in direct sunlight