Panty Styles for Different Body Shapes

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You’ve read all about the different kinds of breast shapes and the kind of bras that work for them. From teardrop to asymmetrical and more, every shape is beautiful in its own way!

This time we’re talking all about the different panty styles that work for your particular body shape.

We’re talking basics of rear shapes!

Just as important as is it is to know your breast shape while picking out the perfect bra for yourself, it’s important to know your body shape while picking out panties that work for you. Whether you have wide hips or a flatter backside, we’ll take you through the different styles and body shapes there are out there.

Ready to find out which panty styles will flatter your figure? We’ve put together all the information you need to learn about the different shapes — as well as which panties to choose and which ones to avoid.

1. The Round Shape

Panties for round shape butt

Also known as the “bubble butt” this body shape is evenly full across the entire butt, both on the bottom and the top.

Panty Styles to Try

You are lucky because basically, almost every panty style looks flattering and works for you.

  • Panties with high-cut leg openings
  • Full briefs and boyshorts for a no panty line look

Panty Styles to Avoid

  • Bikini’s with tight leg-opening elastics as these will create bulges
  • Brazilian as they ride up your full butt cheeks

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2. The A-Shape

Panties for a shape butt

Women who have pear-shaped bodies typically have A-shaped butts that tend to get wider below the hip bone. The A-shape has more volume on their lower half making it one of the most coveted shapes out there.

Panty Styles to Try

Whichever style you choose, make sure they are made with a stretchable fabric as that will be less likely to cut into your thighs.

  • Panty styles with larger leg holes that are cut higher on the leg
  • High-waisted, Brazilian cut bikinis and thongs

Panty Styles to Avoid

  • Avoid panties with small leg openings
  • Styles with elastic-edged leg holes as they can be binding and cause discomfort

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3. Heart Shape

Panties for heart shape

Women with a back that is wider on the bottom, with full cheeks, and more narrow on the top, form what looks like an upside-down heart shape. The heart shape requires styles that hug the bottom of the butt for a more flattering look.

Panty Styles to Try

Your best bet is to look for panty cuts that visibly lift the butt.

  • Full brief to help you look lifted and perky
  • Panties in stretchy, seamless fabrics that will lay flat

Panty Styles to Avoid

  • Avoid high-cut leg openings
  • Bikinis with tight-leg openings

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4. Square Shape

Panties for square shape

If you have an overall straight, athletic/endomorphic body type with fewer or no curves, then you might have a square-shaped butt. This shape is equally wide all through and the line between your hip bone and outer thigh run perpendicular to the ground.

Panty Styles to Try

  • Look for styles that help give you the illusion of curves.
  • Thongs as they help in creating an illusion of curves
  • Boyshorts for a fuller and comfortable form

Panty Styles to Avoid

  • Styles with elastic-edged leg holes
  • High-cut panties as these are more likely to ride up

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5. The V-shape

Panties for v-shape butt

The V-shape is also known as the “inverted triangle” shape. The top is heavier than the bottom and widens the most at the hips while the shape narrows towards the bottom, hence the name ‘V-shape’.

Panty Styles to Try

What you should be looking for is to create an illusion of more fullness at the bottom of your butt.

  • Boyshorts as they bring focus and help fill out the bottom
  • Low to medium coverage panties

Panty Styles to Avoid

  • Panties with extra full coverage & high-leg openings

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Now, that you know all about the booty basics, it’s time to get shopping! Shop all our panty styles and explore the world of lingerie at www.amanté

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