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The right bra in the right style can magically enhance the appearance of your outfit. Your entire look can be at stake if you choose a wrong one. We’ve designed a comprehensive lingerie style guide to make choosing the right lingerie for your different outfits easy and fun!

Bra Style Guide

We’re often asked, ‘what type of bra is best?’. Since there are so many bra styles for the different breast shapes out there, we’d say it all depends on what YOU are looking for. Our bra style guide is here to save the day and help you choose the perfect bra for your outfit.

If you’re not sure about what bra styles might work well for you or if you’ve put off wearing a particular outfit only because you couldn’t find a perfect pair of bra, then look no further!

T-shirt Bra

A T-Shirt bra offers complete coverage and ensures that there will be zero show-through. The smooth finish gives you that completely invisible look, even in the most fitted clothing. The neckline of the T-shirt bra makes it appropriate to wear under most outfits.

We recommend you always have one black and two nude colours of this versatile bra in your lingerie collection. Choose from our wide range of colours and take your pick.

Best worn with: T-shirts, shirts, kurtas, blouses, rompers & jumpsuits. From formal work-wear to casual outfits, this versatile bra works with nearly every outfit.

T-Shirt Bra Style

Pro-tip: If you’re wearing it under a white T-shirt, it’s better to choose a nude colour T-shirt bra rather than a white for that invisible look.

Multiway Bra

Whether you want to wear it like a traditional bra, halter-style, cross-back, one-shoulder, or even racer-back, the Multiway Bra will fulfil every one of your needs. This bra is customizable unlike any other piece of lingerie, and that’s what makes it a great addition to your wardrobe. Many multiway bras also allow you to wear it without the need for straps, making it a strapless bra as well!

We recommend you always have at least one multiway bra in your wardrobe.

Best worn with: Tank tops, off-shoulder tops and dresses, halter-necks, mesh tops, spaghetti tops and dresses.

Multiway Bra Style

Balconette Bra

Also known as a ‘shelf bra’, a balconette bra cups your breasts from below and lifts them up to give you a firm and rounded appearance at the top. The cups of this bra offer less coverage than other styles and the straps sit wider on the shoulders. Petite women can really benefit from the lift of a balconette bra.

We recommend a balconette bra for anyone who loves wearing low or scooped necks for that perfect definition.

Best worn with: Low necked t-shirts, blouses, dresses and kurtas.

Balconette Bra Style

Push-Up Bra

The push-up bra provides lift to your bust and can visually add an extra cup size. The padding in the bra helps to create the appearance of a fuller bust by lifting it upwards and towards the centre of the breast. These bras come in a whole range of silhouettes and types.

We recommend push-up bras not just for women who want an increase in cup size, but also for those who would love that little extra lift in their silhouette.

Best worn with: Low necked blouses, kurtas, t-shirts, and dresses, turtleneck tops, halter tops, and even button-down shirts.

Pro-tip: While this bra is great for tops with a low-cut or plunging neckline, a seamless bra can also be worn under fitted shirts and T-shirts.

Push-Up Bra Style

Panty Style Guide

Now for the bottoms, even though it may not seem like it but a versatile panty collection is crucial to every woman’s wardrobe. The right panty can create a sleek silhouette and keeps you feeling confident, comfortable, and gorgeous, while the wrong panty style might just make it look bad. In this guide, you’ll find all the panty styles that you need to have in your closet.

Vanish Panty

Visible panty lines can ruin the aesthetic of your outfit. Knowing that, we created the Vanish Panty, a completely seamless underwear for that perfectly smooth finish. The patented silicon flock ensures that it never rolls down, even when wearing it all day long. Light and comfortable, you may even forget you have anything on! Choose between the hipster or high-waist silhouette for your preferred style.

Best worn with: Fitted pants and dresses, or those made from light materials.

Vanish Panty Style

Pro-tip: Combine your Vanish Panty with the right shapewear for the ultimate smooth finish.


Boyshorts for women cover the hips and have extra side and leg coverage as well. They are available in a range of stylish colours and designs, as well as nude colours.

Best worn with: Almost any kind of pants or dress. They are perfect for just lounging around, or if you’re wearing a skirt or short dress and want to be extra careful.

Boyshorts Style

Pro-tip: A comfortable pair of boyshorts make for a great sleepwear option as well.

Full Brief Panties

Full Brief Panties are designed for ultimate coverage and comfort. They are cut from above the thigh and end right at your waist-line, making them the perfect choice for all day. Available in a wide variety of fabrics, these panties range from simple to sleek and stylish and are ideal for women of all shapes.

We recommend you always stock a few of these wardrobe basics in black and nude.

Full Brief Panties Style

Best worn with: Pants, jeans, and trousers. They can also be comfortably worn under flared skirts, sarees, and salwar kameezes.

Swimwear Style Guide

Well, well… Now, how could we skip the swimwear section? Here’s a lowdown on all you need to know about picking the perfect swimsuit, one-piece or bikini based on your body type, style and occasion.


The one-piece swimsuit, as opposed to a bikini, is a single piece that covers both your upper and lower body. This swimsuit provides more coverage to your skin from chlorinated water. Along with being easy to handle, it can be found in a range of silhouettes. A one-piece offers the maximum amount of coverage for your body and is available in a variety of styles ranging from one shoulder to high cut necklines and strappy backs.

Styling tips: Pair it with a sarong or a wrap for a casual look that is perfect for a day by the pool or lounging at the beach.

One-Piece Swimsuit Style

Pro-tip: The one-piece swimsuit is great for a casual dip in the pool but even better for those who take their swims seriously.


Bikinis are one of the most popular kinds of women’s swimsuits. The beauty of a bikini is that it can be mixed and matched with all kinds of outfits to create a unique look. Bikinis offer little coverage to your body, for when you want to flaunt your midriff. They are also available in a vast range of styles like bandeaus and halter-necks.

Styling tips: Bikinis go great with a shirt, board shorts, a body con dress, a sarong, and even sheer and backless dresses.

Bikinis Style

Pro-tip: Owning a few pairs mean you can mix and match your tops and bottoms for a custom look!

Skirtini bottoms

A skirtini is a two-piece swimsuit, consisting of a bikini top and a skirt for the bottom. These are available in a range of colours and designs. A perfect way to show off your flashy and girly side, the skirtini is great for pool parties and beach picnics alike!

Styling tips: While your skirtini is best worn as is, pair it with a cool pair of shades, a stylish hat, and a pair of pool slides for an effortless summer look.

Skirtini Bottoms Style

Pro-tip: Since the skirtini is a two-piece swimsuit, you can mix and match between your bikini tops and your skirts to find the outfit perfect for the occasion.

Swim Dress

A demure look for the pool or the beach, the swim dress is a bathing suit which will make sure you look good, without showing off too much. These swimsuits can offer full to medium levels of coverage, depending on what style you’re looking for. Available in a range of colours and silhouettes, a swim dress is your perfect companion for a relaxing sunbathing session on the beach.

Styling tips: Choose a simple cover-up or a wrap to pair with your swim-dress for a chic pool party look.

Swim Dress Style

Pro-tip: Consider a contrasting cover-up for your swim dress, to create a look that is subtle yet flirty.

Be the diva you are meant to be and go paint the town whatever colour you like! We’re here with all the ‘support’ you need.

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