Breast Shapes & Recommended Bra Types

We understand that not all breasts are created equal (they're all beautiful, just not the same). To help you understand the different breast shapes and choose the right bra type, we’ve put together this breast shape guide.

Most people think that size is the only factor that should be considered when buying a bra. But your breast shape and type also plays a major role in your lingerie purchase decisions. Understanding the shape of your breasts can help you choose styles that accentuate your silhouette.

To help you, here are the most common kinds of breast shapes and our recommendations on which type or style of bra works with each.

1. Round Bust

Round Bust

Full, Firm, Separated or Touching Breasts
They have the same amount of volume at the bottom as well as the top.

Bra Recommendations for Round Bust:
  1. Full coverage bras
  2. T-shirt bras
  3. Non padded & non-wired bra
  4. Non-padded & wired bra

Explore Our Recommended Bras
Perfect Poise Bra | Smooth Moves Bra | Curvy Smooth Bra | Chic Lace Racerback Bralette

2. Teardrop Bust

Teardrop Bust

Semi-full, Semi-firm, Separated
This breast shape is less full on top and full on the lower half of the breast.

Bra Recommendations for Teardrop Bust

  1. Full to demi coverage bras
  2. Bras with underwire
  3. T-shirt bras
  4. Push-up bras
  5. Sports bras

Explore Our Recommended Bras
Lace Magic Bra | Everyday Push up Bra | Strapless/multiway Bra

3. Bell Bust

Bell Bust

Full, Semi-firm, Separated
Breasts with more volume towards the bottom and narrower at the top.

Bra Recommendations for Bell Bust

  1. Padded T-shirt bras
  2. Shaper bras
  3. Bras with side shaper panel

Explore Our Recommended Bras
Signature Cotton Bra | Floral romance Bra | Minimiser Bra | Cotton Casuals Bra | Elegant Concealer Bra

4. East-West Bust

East-West Bust

Semi-full, Semi-firm, Separated
Separated breasts with nipples pointing away from the centre of the body.

Bra Recommendations for East-West Bust

  1. Shaper bras with side shaping and side boning.
  2. Padded bras

Explore Our Recommended Bras
Lace Magic Bra | Sculpt Wire Bra | Satin Edge Wired Bra

5. Side-Set Bust

Side-Set Bust

Full, Firm or Semi-firm, Separated
Breasts which are set further apart and have more space between them. They tend to have volume mainly towards the sides/under the armhole.

Bra Recommendations for Side-Set Bust

  1. Bras with side shaping
  2. Wired bras
  3. Padded bras
  4. Plunge neckline bras

Explore Our Recommended Bras
Perfect Lift Bra | Cool Contour Bra | Sheer Stripes Bra

6. Slender Bust

Slender Bust

Shallow, Semi-firm, Separated
Relatively smaller in cup size, slender breasts are narrow, longer breasts with nipples pointing downwards.

Bra Recommendations for Slender Bust

  1. Padded bras
  2. Push-up bras, plunge & demi bras
  3. Medium coverage bras

Explore Our Recommended Bras
Perfect Lift Bra | Strapless/Multiway Bra | Chic Lounging Bralette | Cotton Casuals Bra

7. Asymmetric Bust

Asymmetric Bust

Unequal size/shape
When one breast is of a different size than the other. The degree of difference changes from person to person. It is normal to have up to 1 cup size difference between both breasts.

Bra Recommendations for Asymmetric Bust

  1. Padded bras help to visually even out both sides
  2. Wired bras

Explore Our Recommended Bras
Flawless Bra | Delicate Dots Bra

There is a bra out there that’s perfect for you. All it takes to find it is to understand what your body needs. And we’re here for that! Explore our range of bras, we have one for every breast type!

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