Balconette vs Demi Cup: How to Pick The Right One

Difference between a balconette and a demi bra

We all know how deceivingly simple it is to shop for the perfect bra. There are a whole lot of bra sizes, cup shapes and necklines out there to consider. Will a balconette cup work under that outfit? Or is a plunge neck appropriate? Does a full cup work better for your shape or can you pull off wearing a demi cup?

Feeling overwhelmed? It’s alright. Understanding bra styles and how it suits your shape is vital. With our bra guide, you’ll be able to easily navigate through the elusive world of bras and find your perfect fit.

But first, you need to understand the different types of bras based on their neckline and cup shape. This will help you pick the right bra for the right outfit and your shape.

Types of bra cups explained

A bra that’s tailored for us is a dream we all try to attain. Choosing bras on size alone is not enough, because regardless of a woman’s breast size or type, one can wear multiple bra styles. Different bra styles will fit and look different on your unique shape so it’s important to understand the types of bra cups/style classifications available and their unique attributes. We have compiled a list of the basic cup styles to get you started.

The Balconette/ Balcony Cup

A balconette or balcony cup is a popular style that flatters a range of shapes and sizes. It sits a little lower on the bust and cuts horizontally just above the bust line. It offers a rounded, fuller look with less coverage than a full cup style. The straps sit a little wider on the shoulder and lift the bottom of the cups to create an uplifted shape.

Best for: Balconette bras work well with almost all types of outfits. Since a balconette cup has lesser coverage than a full cup style, they are a good match for lower cut outfits. Got a top with a wide neck? Wear a balconette cup bra and say goodbye to your straps playing peek-a-boo.

Does a balconette cup love bigger sizes too? Absolutely. A balconette cup bra provides optimum support despite less coverage. It offers the right amount of uplift and firmness that bigger sizes need. A plus? It works incredibly well with most outfits without peeking through.

Sound like a style you’d like to try? Browse through our popular balconette styles and see which one works best for you.

The Demi Cup

A demi cup bra is a classic style known for its partial cup coverage that emphasizes a woman’s natural cleavage. Cut lower than a balconette cup, demi cups are designed with a slight inward tilt that allow the breasts to fall toward each other, creating natural looking cleavage from the bottom.

Best for: Since this silhouette is cut lower than other cup styles, it is tailored to hide perfectly under dresses or tops that have low-cut necklines. Need a natural boost? Try this style. It also works great on bust shapes that need a little volume on top.

We have a few demi cup styles that you can explore.

But what’s the difference between a Balconette and a Demi cup?

The two styles may sound similar but there is one striking difference between them.

A balconette cup is designed with a sweetheart shape neckline that curves on the top of the bust whereas a demi cup has a straighter neckline. A balconette cup is also less revealing of the top of the bust than a demi cup.

The Push-Up Cup

A push-up cup does what it says, it is designed to visually accentuate a woman’s bust line by creating cleavage for a fuller, rounded look. The angled cups push the breast towards the center while the extra padding at the bottom of the cup pushes the breast upwards for a natural uplifted, fuller bust.

Best for: A push-up bra is versatile and adds a touch of “extra” to your everyday basics. While it’s perfect for all types of outfits, a push-up bra really shines when paired with deep or plunge necklines. This style can work for all shapes & sizes but is especially beneficial to women with smaller or low hanging breasts.

Looking for a little something extra to enhance your outfit? Give one of our push-up styles a glance.

The Others: Let’s not forget about these styles

The Full cup and Extra Full Cup

These are designed with fuller bust in mind. Full cups and extra full cups cover most or all the bust while offering optimum support.

The Seamed Cup

A seamed cup, also known as cut & sew cups, are designed primarily for maximum support and a flattering profile.

The Minimizer Cup

A minimizer cup visually reduces the appearance or projection of the bust by distributing the breast tissue towards the center and sides. It gives an illusion of a reduced bust without doing so. You’ll love that it reduces gapping when worn under front-button shirts and blouses.

The Plunge Neck Cup

Rocking a very deep V-neck top but your bra is making an appearance as well? Pick a plunge neck bra and you are sorted. The low center dip of the neckline and gentle padding enhances your cleavage while covering all the important bits and staying invisible.

So, what’s your pick?

Knowing the bra style and how it works on different bust shapes unlocks a new perception on how one can shop for the right bra and what kind of bra works for which outfit. By understanding bra cup styles, you will know exactly the level of support and coverage that’ll you’ll need to look out for while shopping.

If you’re going exploring for lingerie, we’re just a click away.

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