Bra Panty New Styles That You Should Know About

Latest Bra Panty New Styles 2022

When shopping for lingerie, chances are that you usually reach for tried and tested styles you’ve been wearing forever. But in this lingerie world, there are many bras and panties that you should know about. Yes, it can get overwhelming, but that's where we come in.

We’re taking you through new bra and panty styles you NEED to know about.

1. Slip-on Everyday/Lounging Styles:

most comfortable bra with good support

SHOP: Skins Support Scoop Neck Bra-Tempest

Life would be so simple without the whole hook-and-eye drama on lazy, lounge-worthy days, right? There’s no better feeling than a bra you can just slip into. A bra that hugs you and becomes a part of you. We’re all about comfort and that bra-free feeling when it comes to lounging and relaxing around.

Psst… We have an exciting new launch that’s all about that skin-like freedom feeling.

  • Our SKINS collection is just the thing if you want skin-like bras. This style is just fab in shades close to the Indian skin tone and colours that complement you.

Infinite edges that are clean-cut give you a smooth and seamless look. The innovative breathable gel helps provide lift without the discomfort of wires. Sounds comfortable already? Removable pads are an added plus. And, they’re made for all sizes, from petite to plus size.

  • Comfort and coverage go hand in hand with the All-day at-home bra. Designed to give you the freedom to move with ease! This bra comes with removable pads, so feel free to remove them when you are just lounging.

2. Ultra-soft Bras

soft bra for sensitive skin

SHOP: Cloudsoft Padded & Non-wired Bra

With the world headed in a direction where comfort, satisfaction and happiness are essential, feel the bliss and comfort of bras that feel like the touch of an angel or maybe a soft hug. These bras give you comfort, breathability and freedom to be YOU. Made with fabrics explicitly selected to ensure the highest level of comfort possible.

Our Cloudsoft Bras give you pillow-like comfort throughout the day. Crafted from ultra-soft brushed fabric from cups to wings, it feels like being hugged by a cloud. This style is available in both padded and non-padded variants.

3. Innovative Bras

Best Collection of Breathable and Cooling Bra

SHOP: Stay Cool - Padded Non-Wired Cooling Bra

There is no dearth of ways to make you feel like you’re on cloud nine, and lingerie is constantly evolving to give you that out-of-this-world feeling. Trial, error and research have led to innovative styles and technologies for your comfort and freedom.

Be cool as a cucumber with the Stay-Cool Bra

The bra is made of Wincool yarn that wicks away from your skin, keeping you comfortable and dry all day. The jacquard knit fabric ensures maximum airflow for added freshness. Whether working long hours in the kitchen or shopping online, this bra is just the thing.

Stay in shape with the Sculpt wire Bra

The innovative silicone-encased wire gives you the comfort of a non-wired bra with the added support of a wired bra. Wow. The moulded cups ensure a ridge-free finish, like the bra was sculpted on you, for you.

4. Seamless Panties

Tight bodycon on your mind, or maybe a pair of fitted jeggings for the day? But wait. Have you got the panties right? Seams that peak through your clothes are just so ugh. No one likes them. But hey! Seamless panties are just the thing. They let you wear the most flattering silhouettes without the stress of those pesky panty lines and rolls.

SHOP: Vanish High Waist Panty

Our Vanish panty is just Ooh-Lala. Seamless with no visible panty lines, it lays flat on the skin and provides a smooth silhouette no matter what you’re wearing.
Seams perfect!

5. High Waist Panties

high waist panties

SHOP: Vanish Seamless High Waist Panty

Binged a little extra before a big day? Hello high-waist! These panties offer relief from that food baby you’ve nurtured and have a shaping feature that keeps your tummy tucked in without the muffin top peek-a-boo. Check out some of our favs here.

Choosing the suitable panty depends on your needs. So whether you're looking for shaping, comfort, lounging or breathability, you can explore our impressive panties collection.

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