The Bra Q&A - The Perfect Bra for Every Occasion

The Bra Q&A - The Perfect Bra for Every Occasion

So, you’ve got a dress – a gorgeous dress – something you’d love to wear. It would be perfect for a fabulous cocktail party, but alas, it remains unworn, hanging sadly in the back of your closet because no bra you’ve got seems to work with the dress.

A dilemma that women all over the world face almost every day. Which bra to wear with what? This one shows under my white tee, straps peeking through this neckline and the list goes on. So we’re telling you about all the different styles of bras and what staple pieces which every woman must have in her closet.

Q: What is the most versatile bra and a must-have in every closet?

A: The multiway bra is one of the most versatile bras in lingerie. With straps that detach at one or both ends, they can be re-attached in multiple ways, to meet the needs of different outfits.

The straps can be worn:

  • Traditionally – both straps attach the front to back
  • Strapless – without the strap
  • Single Strap – with only one strap
  • Halter-neck – with a single strap around the neck
  • Cross-back – with the straps crossing across the back

Q: What bra will give you that "invisible" look and is undetectable under fitted T-shirts?

A: The T-Shirt bra is a staple and MUST Have in every woman’s wardrobe. Generally seamless with moulded cups, it provides a smooth look, which makes it ideal under fitted clothing.

Note: With amanté's ultra-light 2MM padding, these bras can contour and accentuate your figure without making you feel bulky.

Q: What can you wear under a dress that has a low neck?

A: The plunge bra has cups that are low cut making them perfect for outfits with low necklines. These bras are also available with padding, providing a certain degree of lift and contouring to your bust. Another favourite for low necklines is the sweetheart neckline bra. It provides medium coverage for natural cleavage and all the comfort and support you need to look gorgeous and effortless.

Q: What bra is the perfect choice for women with a larger bust size who want to stay comfy?

A: Full cover bra offers more coverage for the top of the breast while providing support and comfort all day long. Available in seamless options to be worn under fitted clothing, this style is perfect for women with heavier bust sizes who want to eliminate any movement in their bust, or as an everyday bra that offers complete coverage.

Q: What bra should I choose to make my breasts look contoured and enhance cleavage?

A: With cups that only cover your breasts partially, the Balconette bra gives you a natural lift and a much more naturally contoured look. Because this bra offers less coverage, it is better suited on women with small to average-sized busts. As the straps are wide, balconette bras make for great innerwear when wearing a boat neck silhouette.

Q: Is there a bra that’ll keep me cool during the hot summer?

A: Lucky for you, amanté is always working on new and interesting bra innovations to keep you comfortable. Our Stay Cool Bra is specially designed for tropical summers. it’s unique stay cool technology wicks away under-boob sweat and allows for maximum airflow. so stay cool and feel fresh all day long!

Q: Is there a bra that a woman can wear that won't make her feel uncomfortable and yet feel confident all through?

A: This depends on her shape and preference! Some women prefer wireless bras and others swear by the underwire. Once you know what style works for you, then you can think about fun colours, prints and fabrics.

So there you have it ladies – the keys to finding the right bra for you. Fit is of the utmost importance, of course, but it is also fun to play with fashion. And always remember, there’s a bra for every occasion and outfit. Now that gorgeous dress doesn’t need to hang in the back of your closet anymore but is draped on you.

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