How is a Push-up Bra Different from a Padded Bra? 

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Remember your first lingerie shopping session? All the different bra styles surely sent your brain into a tizzy, but you managed to get out with what you wanted. Questions remained and we’re here to answer all of them one at a time.

The lingerie know it all is here to answer the famed question that a lot of us girls have on our minds. So what really is the difference between a padded bra and a push-up bra?

At the crux of it, the main difference between a padded and a push up bra lies in the thickness. Push-up bras come with additional padding at the bottom of the inside of the cups whereas padded bras simply have padding lined in between the cups. That said, padded bras give your breasts shape, elevating your overall look and enhancing your silhouette. Push-up bras are also padded bras that are designed to create considerable cleavage and give the illusion of an added cup size instantly.

Let’s get into the deets, shall we?

For Starters - What is a Push-up Bra?

What is a Push-up Bra

For a lot of girls out there, the push-up bra is a dream come true! Push up bras are the perfect addition to your wardrobe if you’re looking for a natural lift or even looking to add an extra ‘visible’ cup size, all while giving you a fuller look! With additional padding in the cups for that push, the bra lifts the breasts upward and towards the centre. Most push up bras are designed with a plunging centre front and can be worn under revealing tops and dresses.

Then, What’s a Padded Bra?

What’s a Padded Bra

Padded bras come with padding stitched into the cups. Different brands offer different cup thickness. For instance, padded bras by amanté come with 2MM ultra-thin padding that are quite popular as the bra doesn’t make you feel bulky all while providing ample coverage. If you are looking for coverage, shape and a perfect silhouette, then padded bras will be your best friend!

Let’s Talk Perks

Benefits of Wearing a Push-Up Bra

Benefits of Wearing a Push-Up Bra

Push up bras are a great option for anyone looking for a little oomph. Whether you are slender and petite looking to increase your cup size or blessed and endowed looking for an additional uplift. Either way, a push-up bra is something you NEED to have in your closet.

Push up bras are perfect for any outfit with low-cut and plunge necklines. They come with a low centre-front, so it will not be shown through your beautiful outfit.

Benefits of Wearing a Padded Bra

Benefits of Wearing a Padded Bra

Padded bras can help make breast tissue appear firm, give shape to your bust and provide ample coverage. They come with additional padding in the cups that gives you a sense of comfort along with a fuller visible breast.

Padded bras are perfect for everyone and once you try them on, they will be your lingerie drawer’s hero! Perfect for daily wear, they can be worn under any outfit. They give you an instant boost in confidence too!

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So Many Styles to Choose From

Push-up and padded bras come in a vast variety of fabrics and styles to choose from and can be paired with all your outfits keeping in mind the silhouette. Literally everyone can go for both these types of bras. These bras are recommended especially if you have asymmetrical bust shape, for an even and uplifted look.

While padded bras are perfect to be worn under fitted outfits, push-up bras can be opted for if you are sporting a gorgeous dress with a plunging neckline!

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Have you been intrigued or wanted to try a push-up or a padded bra? Well, now’s the time to get yourself one and take the plunge. Tell us how it was!

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