What is The Perfect Bra for Summer? - Cooling Bras to Beat the Heat


The cool winters have finally come to an end. Welcome Summers! Bring out the colourful tops and breezy dresses and let’s get some sunshine on our skin.

While it’s sunny, bright and perfectly right. Summer comes with its own set of challenges that no one likes… ugh. Under-boob sweat, uncomfortable straps, poking underwire, straps digging into the skin, wings riding up and the list goes on.

Cooling off with some ice cream, a chilled drink or an evening swim sounds amazing now, don’t they? There are other ways to stay cool during the day and we are here to tell it all. We thought of everything to make you feel your absolute best ALL the time and all those hours of research led us to create this list of curated bras that’ll keep you cool this Summer.

Magic Shaper Bra: Let the All-Day Magic Shaper Bra by amanté work its magic on you. The soft ribbing on the sides of the cups contour and shape your bust to give you a well-rounded look, enhancing your natural shape. Made of Supima – world’s finest cotton, this bra is for lasting comfort. It’s sure to cast a spell on you.


Stay Cool Bra: The bra’s lightweight perforated cups allow for superior airflow and breathability for a breezy and relaxed airflow keeping you cool. Made with Wincool yarn, we guarantee no more discomfort from under-boob sweat. The unique fabric enables quick moisture transfer and can make you feel cooler. Made with a luxurious jacquard knit fabric, this bra wicks away excess moisture to keep your skin feeling comfortable and clean at all times.


Cloudsoft Bra: Get pillow-like comfort throughout the day with the Cloudsoft Wirefree bra. Made of ultra-soft brushed fabric from cups to wings, it feels like being hugged by a cloud. The fabric allows your skin to breathe and keeps you fresh throughout the day. (Available in padded and non-padded styles.


Anything Cotton: The best thing you can give yourself in the sweltering Indian Summer is a cotton bra. amanté’s cotton bras are super soft, breathable and gentle on your skin. Choose from a wide variety of prints, colours and styles.

Well, we’ve kept our promise. amanté always has your back. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get Summer shopping ready!

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