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Beat the Summer Heat
Bra for Summer

It’s hot outside and summer’s here. Though there are so many fun things to do in summer – enjoying your favourite ice slushies and ice creams, go for a cooling swim and strappy dresses, tops and shorts. The most dreaded annoyances that accompany summer do exisit.

We are talking about underboob sweat (ugh) drenched underwires (eew), armpit sweat patches (Nooo) sticky nights and uncomfortable transport (you winced at that didn’t you?) No one likes the feeling of their thighs rubbing against each other or their boobs being smushed in sweat and heat.

Not just that: Boob sweat can cause skin rashes and bacterial infections as well and no one wants to ruin summer with a skin infection, right?

Boob sweat can harass just about anyone in the summer, especially during workouts. But some women are more likely to deal with the trouble, including those who have bigger breasts and are undergoing hormonal changes like the monthly PMS monster and or pregnancies.

But hey hey! Every problem comes with a solution or like 5 in this case.

Powder Up
It works, talking from experience. Dust on prickly heat and sweat-fighting powder. The drier the area the less the chances of bacteria growth and discomfort.

Wear the Right Bra
No more stuffing your bra with tissue to soak up the sweat and definitely no more underboob ickiness. Choosing the right bras for the season is like super essential. Say NO to synthetic fabrics like rayon and polyester as the materials do end up causing extra sweating. Instead, choose a more natural fabric like cotton. They are easy on the skin, don’t cause chaffing and are exceptionally light and airy too. Make sure to choose lighter padding and wire-free/sculpt wire bras for long days as they give you good coverage minus the bulk and discomfort.

Light Colours
Whether you’re picking an outfit or your lingerie, choose light colours like pastels and nudes as they don’t absorb the heat and help you stay cool for longer.

Cotton Panties
Can’t stress on this enough! Try your level best to avoid synthetic fabrics and lace during the heat and stick to comfortable everyday cotton panties. They’ll help avoid chaffing and yeast infections too.

Carry Wipes
Life happens and you might find yourself running to catch a bus on a hot day or waiting for your cab in the heat. Maybe you’ll end up on a deserted island and have to fend for yourself (hehe) The world is full of crazy possibilities, so it’s best to be prepared. Keep wet wipes handy for sweaty emergencies and refresh with a swipe.

Wait for Monsoon (Tee Hee)
Okay, that was a joke and Summer’s going to be here for a while so follow these tips, choose the right lingerie and stay cool.

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