As Soft as a Piece of Heaven: Cloud Soft Range by amanté

As Soft as a Piece of Heaven: Cloud Soft Range by amanté

It is always a good time to purchase a bra. According to bra science, it is advisable to replace bras every six months. However, one always has that occasional sale, or the weekend impulse buy, to motivate the self to buy lingerie. Whatever be the reason behind your buy, it is undeniable that a new bra just makes you approach work that much more confidently and respond to life with a bit more added poise.

Keeping in mind every woman’s need to rediscover herself, after all the stereotypes and clichés met with everyday, amanté has introduced the new Cloud Soft bra in order to maximize comfort and provide long-lasting durability. If you have wondered what it would be like to wear a cloud for a bra on a bright spring day, you need to look no further! The newest launch from amanté brings you just that with soft, marshmallow foam cups that offer you incredible softness.

Product Features

Cloudsoft Bra

The bra comes with ultra-soft cups that are made from brushed microfiber, offering a cushioned feel throughout the day. Nothing is more appealing about a bra than the softness of the cups. It could arguably be one of the most undeniable reasons why it feels so difficult to replace older bras!

Soft Bra

The bra comes with a no-spill coverage that allows you maximum comfort while supporting the curves of your torso. It offers optimum coverage showing just the right amount of neckline—neither too modest nor too adventurous for everyday wear. It also offers underarm coverage so that you can confidently put on your favourite sleeveless dresses and tops.

Soft Cup Bra

The elastics are well-hidden and concealed within the fabric, preventing the usual soreness of skin pressed tight under harsh elastics. The wire under the cups comes with an added casing, and they deliver the support without being too uncomfortable. What is particularly striking about the bras is their soft material coupled with an innovative design that contours the shape of the bosom.

No matter which bra you are purchasing, they will not be able to provide you with desired comfort or style if you do not choose the right bra size. Given that you choose the right cup-size, you can rest assured that the Cloud Soft bras will make you feel extra comfort with a workable structuring, without any added sense of constraints. The bras are perfect for any season since they come without labels and prevent against any skin irritations.

Different Styles

Softest Bra

The bras come in three different styles. The Cloud Soft Wired Bra is perfect for everyday work when you need just a bit of support without feeling the cups of your bra cut into your skin. We would definitely recommend this for completing the perfect work-wear outfit. The Cloud Soft Wirefree Bra provides added comfort without the wiring and so if your everyday choice a wirefree bra, then we have one for you. We also have the Cloud Soft Non-padded Support Bra which is perfect for everyday lounging. Offering an ideal match for the bras, is the Cloudsoft Hipster panty. The product is made of the same brushed microfiber and comes with concealed elastics and a wide waistband to give you the perfect blend of style and comfort.

A Few Last Words

We hope you find our new products meeting your requirement of the perfect bra, made of the softest fabric and available in a range of designs! They are sure to enhance your sense of comfort and help you go through everyday activities with freedom and panache.

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