5 Bedroom hacks to show yourself some love!

Bedroom is where you hit the reset button for your mind and body. An intensely personal space where you can relax, unwind and pamper yourself: night after night. Isn’t it your private chamber that is privy to your innermost thoughts and struggles? The very room that provides you all the comfort when you need to revive after an awfully tiring day?

In short, the quality of time you spend in your bedroom has a direct impact on your wellbeing. Then why not try these bedroom hacks to show yourself some love and feel special?

Ensure quality sleep: Let’s begin with reinstating the primary purpose of your bedroom – a good night’s sleep (or a delicious afternoon siesta?). It is quite tempting to retire to your bed after coming home from office. It is even easier to grab dinner and watch a movie while you get comfortable in your bed. But beware, before you know you might end up using your bed for most activities – working on your laptop, sorting your laundry, binging on popcorn, et al. So, make a conscious effort to keep your bed(room) reserved for sleeping only. Additionally, you can buy supremely soft and comfortable sleepwear, such as this luxury silk black chemise.

Aroma Therapy: Imagine inhaling discreet but fragrant lavender or rosemary as you give in to deep slumber. Certain essential oils, when vaporized, are known to have relaxing and sleep inducing qualities. If you’re an old school romantic, you might prefer lighting up a few scented candles, as you prepare for the bed by wrapping yourself in this luxury sleep robe.

Ventilation & light: It is true that a well-ventilated room has far better air quality than a room that doesn’t get enough light or air. Breathing in stale or polluted air throughout the night won’t let you enjoy the benefits of a good night’s sleep. According to a research, people who slept in well-ventilated rooms were more alert and productive at work, as against people who slept in rooms with poor ventilation. Similarly, gentle and silky sleepwear such as this set of camisole and boxers offers great comfort to your body!

Paint or decorate the room: Bedrooms needn’t be boring! You can doodle or paint the bedroom walls with your indigenous creativity. Pick up a DIY wall project to make your sleep haven more cozy, interesting and personal.

Luxury sleepwear: Easily the most underrated part of your wardrobe, sleepwear is more than just an expression of fashion. Your choice of sleepwear not only indicates your personality but also influences your quality of sleep. So, if you’re looking to indulge or pamper yourself, you might want to shop for luxurious and elegant sleepwear.

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