The ABCs of Bra Shopping for your Daughter

Things are changing and you can watch your little girl growing up right in front of your eyes. From mood swings and eye rolls to a drawer full of makeup, oh and not to forget teenage boys and Instagram crushes. Of all the changes going on in a teenage girl’s life, wearing her first bra is one of the most important.

If it’s time to go shopping for her first bra and if you’re after some advice when buying for your daughter then we have all of the information you’re going to need right here. From sizing tips to styles and more, this article is here to demystify the whole shebang for you.

Be a cool parent and a friend first!

For many, adolescence is filled with self-doubt, questioning the body image, and insecurity. With all these changes, she’ll need you by her side to help her build inner confidence and own it!

How to determine the size and ideal bra type?

Measure, measure, measure. As the first step. Identify the bust shape and figure the ideal bra type. Keep comfort as the top priority as this is the first piece of clothing and a big change for her. Stick to lighter colours, to start with so it’s easy on the skin and comfortable too.

Brand it right!

Choosing the right brand that caters to every need is the best thing you can do for your little diva. The brand should be able to help her transition from training bra, to her first push up and the strapless number for prom night! amanté is here to save the day with an incredible collection of versatile styles and sizes too!

We know picking out new bras and underwear can be tricky, especially as your body is changing. Different bras fit differently and it's hard to know what size to get or how comfortable it will be in the long run.

Going around bra shopping for the very first time might be a bit overwhelming for your daughter. Avoid the hassle and buy the first bra online. Use our fit calculator for the perfect fit.

We’ve created a list of the bras that we think are a perfect choice -

1. Cotton bras

cotton bra

It’s recommended to start off with simple non-padded non-wired, everyday bra. The moulded cups give a smooth and supported look all day long, all while staying comfortable and free to go about your day. Cotton bras are perfect to wear to school, college or even a fun movie day out with friends.


2. Training Bras or Sports Bra

training bras

A multipurpose bra to start off with and wear to all your sporting activities and days at home too. The training bra is perfect for, as the name suggests - training and even works as a bra to wear under tees, on hikes or even at home. Its non-restrictive and comfortable nature helps support the breasts.


3. Bralettes


Bralettes are comfortable, easy to slip into (minus the hooks) and perfect to pair with a top or even with culottes and palazzos. They're light-weight, breathable, and look cute peeking out of a tank top. Check tanktop style guide to know your size.

As a first bra, it’s best to go for the right fit and a comfortable style. Choose something comfortable that your daughter can wear throughout the day, but also while doing sports or dancing. Now that you know the basics, have fun shopping for the perfect bra.

Initially, you might have to deal with eye rolls and sighs, but make the most of it and turn your bra shopping days into fun girl's day outs. Become her best friend and watch her flourish into the diva she is destined to be!

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