Swimwear Secrets - Tips to Look Slim in Your Swimwear

Swimwear Secrets Tips to Look Slim in Your Swimwear

With the world finally getting back to normal and travel restrictions slowly lifting, beach vacays and resort holidays are on the cards. Every one of us has a different body type and choosing flattering pieces that accentuate your best features and curves is your best bet.

Quarantine bingeing probably made you put on a few pounds, but we’ve got a few secret tips and tricks to make you feel and look flawless in your swimwear.

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1. Take the Plunge

If you want to take eyes off your heavier bottom half then all you’ve got to do is emphasise the top half with a plunging neckline. Also, make sure your swimsuit has great support to keep your ‘girls’ in place.


2. Ruffled to Perfection

Picking a piece with ruffles or accents help take all the attention away from anything you might consider a flaw. Of shoulder ruffle tops or ruffled necks are a great idea to spruce up your swimwear.

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3. Prints and Patterns Ahoy!

If you’re feeling adventurous and like being the life of the party, then prints and patterns with bold colours are your best friends! Wearing a print helps camouflage any so-called imperfection you might want to hide.

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4. Modesty, No Apologies

Swimwear doesn’t mean that you have to bear it all, sometimes covering up can be classy too. Try modest swimwear that’ll keep you covered, make you look slim and protect your skin from the harmful UV rays too.

Trying to cover up or slim down on specific features? Here are a few specific tips for you.

Heavy Top:

Wearing a dark colour up top and a lighter colour on the bottom gives the illusion of a smaller bust.

Hips don’t lie (About the burgers?) – Let your top half grab all the attention by choosing a swimsuit or top with details or a plunging neckline. A bright colour or heavy pattern is a great idea.

Large Bust Size– Why would you ever want to hide that beauty, but still if you must, choose a swimsuit with a dark colour or a V-Neck.

Well, that’s all from us girls, but always remember to love your body just the way it is <3

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