What is the Difference Between Hipster and Bikini Panties?

Hipster vs. Bikini

Panties are one of the most versatile garments out there. From different cuts to styles and even colours and textures, they’ve got it all. While choosing a pair might seem overwhelming or just plain confusing at times, the perfect piece makes a world of a difference in your outfit and in how you feel. From going bold in a lacy thong to embracing your fun side in a bikini, to enjoying the cheekiness of a hipster, there’s a perfect panty for you.

If moderate coverage is important to you but style too, then you’re looking for some pretty cheeky panties and two most popular styles are - Hipster and Bikini. But what’s the difference between the two you ask? Well, here’s a breakdown with all the information you need on hipster panties vs bikini panties...and more.

Hipster vs Bikini

The Fun and Adventurous Bikini


The Deets: This style is a low or mid waist one that sits perfectly on your hips. Bikini panties differ from hipster panties in terms of the side cut, coverage and where they sit. The width of the sides is lesser in bikini and has lesser fabric when compared to a hipster. The leg opening cut is also slightly higher in bikini panties so they tend to provide less coverage.

Wear it with: Bikini styles go best with mid to low-rise bottoms, jeans and crop tops with shorts too. Well basically anything in your wardrobe will look gorg with bikini briefs underneath.

The Laidback and Smart Hipster


The Deets: While hipsters are pretty similar to bikinis, the difference lies in the amount of coverage they provide (which is slightly higher) and the fact that they sit a little higher just above your natural hip line. The side cuts are higher than the bikini panties and the width of the sides is higher as well with more fabric.

Wear it with: Since they sit slightly above your natural hipline, pair these panties with high waist jeans, culottes and skirts too.

Which Panty Works When?

Now, you’re probably wondering “okay, so I know about these panty styles but what do I pick and when?”. So, here goes.

Hipster: Looking for a low-waist panty that sits on your hipbone and wee bit more coverage, then this panty style is perfect for you. If you have a round or heart shaped butt, then the hipster is perfect for you! Wondering about your butt shape? Check out our blog on the different types of butt shapes and find yours.

Bikini: Proud of your dimples of Venus and love wearing low waist outfits? The bikini is your go to! Comfortable medium coverage and a perfect sit on the hip, these panties are also perfect if you have a square or A-shape butt.

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