Panty Patrol - How to Select the Right Pair of Underwear?

Panty Patrol How to Select the Right Pair of Underwear?

Panties are like a second skin, there’s never a time you’re without them and they feel like an extra layer of comfort.

While the right panty can make your day, a wrong choice can easily make you feel bleh.

We’re telling all on how to select the right pair of underwear!

Always measure coz’ panties are a treasure.

Measure your waist and hips. You’ll be able to find the proper size for your underwear across brands if you know your waist and hip measurements. Use a tape measure to measure your natural waist and the fullest part of your hips so you can choose the most comfortable size for your body.

Use our Fit Calculator to get the perfect fit.

If you’re wondering what your ‘natural waist’ is, read on:

  • Bend towards your side, you’ll notice a slight crease form. That is your natural waist.
  • Remember to keep the measuring tape parallel to the ground when measuring your hips.

Some things to keep in mind when choosing underwear:

  • Always have a good mix of different options in your lingerie drawer. Briefs, bikini, boy shorts, high waist, thongs and a silk panty, each work for different outfits, so always stock up.
  • Avoid underwear that’s too tight. Underwear that’s too tight doesn’t just lead to unflattering bulges and lumps beneath your clothing; it can also cause skin chafing and irritation from the friction.
  • Choose breathable fabrics like cotton for everyday wear and long hours as cotton inhibits the growth of bacteria as well.
  • Go with synthetic fabric for a slimmer fit. While cotton underwear’s breathability makes it more comfortable, it doesn’t always look smooth under clothing. For a slimmer, fit, opt for undies made from a stretchy, synthetic material.
  • Seamless panty is your best choice if you're planning to wear a body-hugging outfit or fitted pants. Their unique ‘no-show’ is amazing.
  • Fashion panty is typically made from high-quality materials, ensuring they are comfortable and durable.

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