Exercising Under Self-Lockdown: A Few Tips on Remaining Active at Home

How to Stay Fit & Active at Home?

Staying active under lockdown has become quite a challenge for many. Whether you like working out at the gym or if you prefer to stay active by engaging in movement outdoors, both kinds of activities have become restricted during the lockdown. We want to offer you a few suggestions to help you remain active and healthy while still living life under lockdown.

Making Proper Meals

Making Proper Meals

This might appear to be of trivial importance but making meals for yourself and your family helps you monitor the food you are eating, keep track of the calories, given the restrictive movement, and ensure that you are in the best possible mental state.

We recommend not overcrowding your days with the pressures of cooking. Keep the meals simple but nutritious. Take care to include food items like flax seeds and cacao powder that are known to stabilize moods.

Include products such as spirulina in your diet since it is known to boost immunity. Include vegetables and fibres in your meals to ensure proper functioning of the digestive system.

Given the restrictions of the lockdown, plan ahead and place the order for the groceries to avoid the crisis of an under-stocked fridge under the contingencies of lockdown.

Staying Hydrated

How to Stay Healthy at Home

Given that most of us are working from home and our movements are largely limited, it is easy to forget to keep ourselves hydrated. In case it is difficult for you to meet the standard requirement of eight glasses per day, you can always try adding fruits, mint leaves, or lime to the water to make it taste different and that much more inviting to the palate.

Working Out

How To Stay Active At Home

It is important to work out and keep active during the entire period of the lockdown. It helps to build stamina, supports the immune system and produces enough endorphins or ‘happy hormones’ to help you combat the general slump and inertia of long days spent indoors. There are plenty of workout videos and apps available that help you monitor your everyday activities.

Often, just a handful of burpees and crunches can make up for long and continuous hours spent sitting at the desk. We recommend checking out our range of activewear that can quite easily be your perfect companion during the home workout sessions. Check out the comfortable bras, camis and capris that add style to seemingly dull workout sessions.



If you find yourself starting to feel low during the period of isolation, it is always advisable to take up meditation in order to find a bit of relief. Listen to sounds that help you concentrate such as the resonating vibrations of the Tibetan meditation bowl, easily available on Youtube.

Apps like Spotify and Headspace have some excellent guided meditation recordings to assist you in the process of achieving mental peace. YouTube channels like The School of Life and The Art of Living offer you much needed advice and counsel during these trying times. You can also put on meditation music that helps you raise your inner frequency and aligns you to a more positive state of being.

Few Last Words

We hope these suggestions help you cope with lockdown better. You are free to experiment with the ways listed here and add in your own preferred ways for maintaining mental health. If you have dogs as pets, take this opportunity to spend more time with them. Exercise does not have to be a rigorous training of the muscles. It can simply be a walk about the terrace with your pet.

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