How to Find the Perfect Full Coverage Bra?

How to find the perfect full coverage bra?

The perfect full coverage bra is a wardrobe essential for any woman, whether she is particularly endowed or has a comparatively smaller chest size. There are many benefits to wearing a full coverage bra; it provides adequate coverage both in terms of fullness and in shape. This naturally give you a better silhouette. And what’s better? Since this bra covers your entire breast tissues, it prevents from bra lines being visible through your outerwear.

Finding out the right cup size

Full Coverage Bra

When finding the perfect full coverage bra, it is absolutely essential to know your cup size. There are bra size calculators that are easily available that tell you your bra size based on the measurements of your under bust and of the area that forms the fullest part of your bust. Given that it is often difficult to get the right bra size in your desired shape and design, it is always helpful to know your sister bra sizes. Sister bras can be easily identified once you have picked out your cup size.

Choosing your perfect design

Full Support Bra

Once you have picked out your bra size, figuring out the right full coverage bra should be easy enough to do. The shape of the bra depends a lot on the materials from which they are made. A full coverage cotton bra will have a very different shape and feel to it than one made out of satin or even of microfiber.

A cotton full coverage bra will allow for more breathability and is the right choice for the summer. Cotton full coverage bras can be worn under all types of clothes, especially fitted cotton tee shirts and blouses. On the other, satin full coverage bras will allow you more room to wear tops that have low cuts or have lace or net finish as the material complements such adventurous designs.

A Few Last Words

Whatever be the season, it is important to have a few full coverage bras in your wardrobe that provides complete support and does not allow any excess flesh to sag. The side panels in full-support bras are particularly designed to provide such kind of restraint and this is one of the most advantageous features of this bra type. We would also like to state that contrary to popular belief, full coverage bras can be worn with fun tops and blouses as they bring out the shape of your bosom to the best extent. Wearing full coverage bras under halter tops made of slightly transparent materials give you greater ease of movement and prevent you from being too conscious of yourself.

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