Which Bra is Right for Your Body Type?

So, you’ve picked up a bra after your friend recommended you one? Don’t be surprised if it doesn’t make you as happy, despite buying the right size. The bra might have worked wonders for your friend, but it just doesn’t cut the deal for you. Why? Because your body and breasts are different than your friend’s. When buying a bra, you’ll have to narrow down your options based on your body and breast shapes.

Here is a basic guide to picking the right bras according to body shape:

#1 Apple-Shaped Body

If you have a large bust, broad shoulders and narrow hips, your body type can be classified as ‘apple-shaped’. For this body type, the breasts need sound support, minimizing and a gentle lift to define the waistline.

Experts recommend: A full coverage minimiser bra to avoid cup spills and high waist panties to flatten the tummy. Look for side-boning and underwire for extra support that large breasts need.

#2 Pear-Shaped Body

This body type typically has small breasts set on a narrow shoulder frame, while the bottom is relatively wider and heavier. A pear-shaped figure can be flattered by rounding the upper body silhouette for a fuller appearance.

Experts recommend: Enhance your breasts by giving them a more natural-rounded appearance with a balconette bra. If your priority is cleavage, then opt for a push up bra that offers a decent lift. For a balanced appearance, pair your bra with a low-rise brief as they tend to flatter wide hips.

#3 The Hourglass Body Shape

Women with this body type tend to have more symmetrical bust and hips. As a result, the waistline is well-defined, with equal emphasis on the bust as well as the hips.

Experts recommend: The hourglass body accommodates both small and large busts. A woman with an hourglass figure can choose the right bra depending on the size of her breasts. Opt for a full cover bra for optimum comfort.

#4 Banana Shaped Figure

A banana shaped figure is likely to have small to medium breasts with a negligible difference in the width of shoulders, waist and hips. To enhance the figure for this body type, one needs to add focal points using lingerie.

Experts recommend: If you are aiming for a fuller look, opt for a Halter style that adds a flattering curve to your body.

A quick reference bra guide based on breast shape:

Balconette: Great for breasts that are bottom-heavy.

Underwired: A lingerie staple for all breast shapes and sizes, but especially so for larger cups.

Padded Bras: Meets the shaping, support and contouring needs of most breast types.

Plunge Bra: Suitable for most breast shapes and sizes, delivers a lovely silhouette.

Push Up Bra: Gives an overall rounded look and creates cleavage, recommended for bottom heavy, small-medium sized breasts.

Hope you find this guide to the right bra, useful. Now you’re aware about your body and breast type, get started on finding the right lingerie for yourself.

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