A Guide to Bra Color Pairing

Find Out What Signals You Are Letting Off in These Bra Colours
Bra colour pairing
A Guide to Bra Color Pairing

Can colours really impact the mood? The answer, according to research, is yes. Think about it, do you instantly feel a sense of calm when you wear whites? Does black make you feel confident and in-control? We pick shoe colours to go with outfits, makeup to suit the skin tone, and even nail colours to match our look. If the outer personality needs so much attention, shouldn’t our inner garments deserve so much more?

It’s time to think beyond neutral palettes and venture into much needed colour therapy for our bra closet. You’ll be surprised at just how dramatically this small change can affect our mood and overall personality. If this is the first time you’re working colour into your bra closet (and not just because it matches your clothes), the below insights will definitely help.


Bra color
These basic must-haves in every girl’s bra closet are popular because they literally go with anything. Easy to find across sizes, can be used with different coloured clothes, they don't need much effort at all.

Classic black bras are known to flatter all skin tones and are associated with power. Black also spells elegance and sophistication. No wonder it is the colour of choice at formal and corporate events.

White bras on the other hand represent innocence and purity. Ever wondered why brides don the colour white? Now you do!

Nude bra colours are indispensable. They are the unsung heroes of the wardrobe, stepping in, blending into the skin tone, creating a smooth flowy silhouette. They exude unbiasedness and are thought to promote comfort.


Red bra
Red is passion, depth and individuality. A little peek of the red bra strap adds intrigue and visual texture. The underlying bra colour beneath the most simple outfits signal adventure and energy, traits that this colour completely stands for.


Purple bra
Purple bra is mysterious, sensual and imaginative. Did you know, creating this dye colour in the ancient past was thought to be an expensive affair, only meant for wealthy individuals? Certainly the bra colour of choice if you want to feel like a Royal.

Pink on the other hand is girly, feminine and kind and instantly brings to mind romantic celebrations like Valentine’s Day. Show off your soft side in a cute pink bra.

In the same colour family, maroon is equated with excitement, risk, ambition and courage. Fun fact - it is named after the French word “chestnut”.


Blue bra
Calming, reassuring and secure - these are all personality traits of the colour blue. If you want to experience these emotions, then try wearing a blue bra - also a colour of stability.


Bra Color
If you’re someone looking for adventure, or not-just-your-regular bra options, then mix it up with fun prints or bold patterns. Consider bras in abstract designs, animal prints or cute ditsy florals - the sky's the limit when it comes to the perfect bra print.

Now that you’ve zeroed in your favourite bra colour, don’t forget to find the perfect panty to go with it. Doesn’t it feel wonderful to wear coordinated sets with matching bras and panties? While nude, black and white are all-season and all-purpose wear, experiment with a variety of designs, prints and colours. When done well and right, you know that the day is yours!

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