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There's no denying that the work-from-home life sent our regular routines for a toss. Some of us also tossed aside our bras as we craved more comfort and wanted freedom from those binding straps.

But you will agree that it's not a smart move to make. With gravity working round the clock, this may lead to sagging breasts, which you won't appreciate.

What if we tell you that now you can go through your day feeling as comfortable as being braless but without allowing gravity to play its tricks?

You read that right! What you need is a comfortable bra. A bra that makes you forget you are wearing one.

The SKINS bras rise up to this challenge. They feel like a second skin but don't skimp on support or style.

Interested to know more? Well then, read on to discover three innovative slip-on bras you won't want to take off even while sleeping!

Rise and Shine With a Scoop Neck Wonder

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We agree that WFH doesn't mean any less work. With meetings, assignments, and deadlines playing on your mind, the last thing you would want is an uncomfortable bra wearing you down.

When it comes to providing support, we depend a lot on wired bras. But wireless bras can also provide flawless support.

The right wireless bra can accentuate your shape and enhance your confidence.

The wireless Skins Support Scoop Neck Bra blends comfort and support in a game-changing way. We promise this bra will gently support your breasts and keep you going for as long as you want.

Whether you are dressed in a free-flowing kaftan or your favorite tee and jeans, this soft bra with clean-cut edges and removable pads will make you forget you have it on.

Its easy slip-on style and breathable material make it an ideal choice to put on and work, sleep, lounge around, or go out for your daily errands.

Steal the Show With a V-Neck Showstopper

Fashionable SKINS V-Neck Bra

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Remote working should not be an excuse to look any less stylish. We agree that those extended meetings and forever piling up home chores may leave you little time to pamper yourself.

But as they say, where there's a will, there's a way!

If you are up for a comfortable bra that can keep your style quotient high, we have the perfect match for you.

This V-neck bra is designed to accentuate your silhouette on any day. Whether you are dressed up in a body-hugging outfit or a well-fitted top, you can never go wrong with this bra.

With its wide shoulder straps and seamless double-layered finish, you can flaunt your fashion persona while staying comfortable all day long.

What's more, this bra comes with removable pads. This gives you the flexibility to remove them while working from home.

You can opt to wear your bra with the pads on when going out for grocery shopping or catching up with a friend over coffee. They will ensure a no-show look underneath your fitting outfits.

We suggest you get a couple of these bras so that you always have an option at home when you need one.

Feel the Power of Support and Perfection

SKINS Support Bras

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If you believe that the perfect bra is an illusion, you need to think again.

Gone are the days when you had to select between style, support, and comfort. With Skins support bra, you can experience an incredible blend of all these and more while you carry on with your WFH routine.

This bra is an ideal pick for anyone with a large bust. Its sturdy build and wide straps ensure extra support for your back without digging into your skin, even as you sit for hours at a stretch in front of the monitor.

Given its full coverage look, nice lift, and wire-free feel, it can easily turn into your staple intimate wear.

And why not? After all, who won't want a bra that feels great for all-day WFH wear, no matter what you are wearing?

To top it all, this bra is designed out of microfiber to offer you ultimate comfort. You can even opt for customized support fit for extra-large bust sizes.

Wrapping Up

Being at home doesn't mean being out of style or comfort. Rather, you can ace your WFH fashion game by making the right choices, starting with your intimate wear.

After all, a little support can go a long way to keep you prepared while you go about your day, handling office work, managing home chores, and even going out for weekend brunches with friends.

So, go ahead and shine in your SKINS!

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