5 Softest Bras for your Summer Closet


Summer heat calls for soft and comfortable clothing and lingerie. To avoid rashes, blisters and other uncomfortable instances, make sure you make the right choice of fabric. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of the softest bras we’ve got and why you should choose them.

1. Cloud Soft Bra
Why? : Cloud-like comfort in 3 different styles
Enjoy pillow-like comfort all through the day with the Cloud Soft Wirefree bra. Made of ultra-soft brushed fabric from cups to wings, it feels like being hugged by a cloud. The fabric allows your skin to breathe and keeps you fresh throughout the day. (Available in padded and non-padded styles.)


SHOP: Cloudsoft Support Non-padded & Non-wired Bra

2. At Home Bra
Why? : Stay comfy all day long
Experience round the clock comfort in our At Home bra. It is designed to give you the freedom and flexibility to move with ease! This bra comes with removable pads so feel free to remove the pads when you are just lounging at home or insert the pads when you are heading out and need that additional coverage.


SHOP: Crystal Rose Home Bra

3. Magic Shaper Bra
Why?: It’ll work its magic on you
The soft ribbing on the sides of the cups contour and shape your bust to give you a well-rounded look, enhancing your natural shape. This bra is for lasting comfort. It’s sure to cast a spell on you.


SHOP: Magic Shaper Non-Padded Non-Wired Support Bra

4. All Day Elegance Bra
Why: Exude elegance round the clock
It’s super soft, durable and most importantly chafe-free.
Made with Supima, world’s finest cotton, the All-Day Elegance non-padded, non-wired bra is crafted with utmost precision. Tailored to fit you perfectly, this bra keeps you fresh and dry during sweaty summer days, making it an essential everyday summer bra that can be worn for long hours comfortably.


SHOP: All-Day Elegance Non-Padded Non-Wired Bra

5. Smooth Charm Bra
Why? It’s as lightweight as can be
The Smooth Charm bra is crafted with a soft stretch microfiber fabric. Perfect for when you want to let your hair down on a summer evening and party the night away. The breathable smooth cups are virtually invisible under your fitted clothes. The best part? The bra features detachable shoulder straps that allow you to wear them in multiple ways, like; halter, criss-cross etc.


SHOP: Smooth Charm Padded Non-Wired T-shirt Bra

Well now you know. So get your cart ready on amante and bring home the softest and most cooling bras this season.

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