Choose Bras That Appreciate Your Skin - An amanté Style Guide


Sensitive skin? We got you. Finding a bra that gives you the shape and support you want without causing the irritation can be a challenge. At amanté we make sure all our bras are made from the softest, most breathable fabrics that appreciate your skin. We’re telling it all about soft and comfy bras that you’ll love.

T-shirt Bras

This style is most often regarded as the best, most comfy choice when it comes to everyday bras. Available in both wired and wireless options, these bras steal the show, beat the heat and give you all the comfort and freedom you need. The best part? They’re super lightweight and make you feel easy breezy all day.

amante’s T-shirt bras come with a unique ultra-light 2MM padding, which contours and accentuates your figure like no other bra.


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For a lot of women, even the most minimal support can go a long way and bralettes do exactly that. They provide a little bit of support and help keep smaller breasts comfortable. The added style quotient is always a plus. Made from breathable fabric and available in a variety of colours and styles, bralettes are a comfort seeking fashionista’s dream come true.


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amanté Comfort Innovations

In a tropical climate like India, we are more and more susceptible to chafing and under boob sweat, rashes and icky-sticky yuckiness. amanté’s here to save the day and the season with our comfort innovations. The Stay Cool and Cloud Soft bras allow your skin to breathe and stay fresh.


Supima Cotton Bras – Magic Shaper

The All-Day Magic Shaper Bra by amanté provides ultimate support and comfort all day long. The soft ribbing on the sides of the cup shapes your bust to give you a well-rounded look, enhancing your natural shape.
Made of Supima – the world’s finest cotton, this bra gives you lasting comfort and is gentle on your skin too.


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And Lastly…Anything Cotton

If you’re looking for a bra that’s good on your skin then cotton is your best bet. Cotton bras help avoid chafing and sweat by staying cool and comfortable all through the day. Next time you’re shopping for a bra, you know what to do.

Shop bras that appreciate you and your skin at amanté and give your lingerie wardrobe a makeover!

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