Should I Wear Bra to Sleep?

The Good & Bad of Bedtime Bras.

At some point in our lives, we’ve all heard people say “wearing a bra to sleep is harmful” or “wearing a bra to sleep helps prevent sagging.”

The fact is that breast sagging is going to take place as a women ages and as the connective tissue holding breasts in place loses its elasticity over time. There are various lifestyle habits that cause sagging breasts too, such as - smoking, intense activity and weight loss or gain.

Now, back to the question of the moment - Is it ok to wear a bra while sleeping?

There are two sides to every coin and we’re taking you through the good and bad of wearing a bra to sleep.

The Good

They’re Comfortable to Sleep in
Sleeping in a bra can reduce discomfort related to breast swelling caused due to hormonal changes, PMS or large sizes in general.

Helps Relieve Back Pain
Heavier breast-sized women tend to experience back pain and misalignment of the spine due to very heavy breasts. Wearing a structured bra to sleep helps alleviate such pains.

Improved Sleep Routines
A lot of women have grown up wearing an airy or light cotton bra to sleep as it has been noted that this habit helps provide a sounder sleep than sans bra bedtimes.

The Bad

Skin Rashes and Marks
Multiples metal or plastic hooks on bras repeatedly rub against your back and shoulders during sleep, these can cause rashes or even marks if worn tight.

Blood Flow Issues and Muscle Damage
Tight-fitting bras that come with underwire are likely to restrict blood if worn for long periods of time. Tight underwire might press against the skin and reduces blood flow around the arms and shoulders.

Troubled Sleep Patterns
Ill-fitting bras are most likely to cause discomfort which results in tossing and turning in bed finally leading to disturbed sleep which affects daily life functioning.

The pros and cons can be subjective to individuals and choices, of course, there are cotton bras that designed to give you comfort as you lounge or sleep. You can check them out.

It is clear that there are pros and cons to wearing a bra to sleep. The ultimate choice is yours.

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