Bras for Your Extended Stay at Home

Homebound: A tale of comfort

It’s been a very homely year and investing the right kind of bra as we all continue to live the new normal is very important. After all, they help you fight gravity and are a constant source of support, something we all needed this year. While we embrace WFH and multitask through it all, there’s one thing that we can change and is under our control – saying buh bye to uncomfortable bras and embracing comfort, yay!

And of course, we’ve got your back and are here to support you (pun intended). Here’s a list of our top choices for bras to wear at home.

1. T-shirt bra

T-shirt bra

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The T-shirt bra is a must-have in your wardrobe whether you’re working from home or just chilling. This bra provides full coverage and disappears under clothes and creates a smooth silhouette. You can always rely on this comfortable and supportive style.

2. Cotton bra

Cotton bra

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Ultimate comfort and support rolled into one light-weight piece of lingerie. The cotton bra is your best pick for Indian weather and super comfy too! Perfect for WFH or chill from home days.

3. Non-wired Bra

Non-wired bra

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Non-wired bras don’t come with an underwire. So if you are looking for something light on the body and for long working hours, these bras are a perfect choice. Even with no underwire, they provide ample support.

4. Non-padded Bra

Non-padded bra

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Enjoy the freedom of the non-padded bra. It has no additional padding in the cups, allowing you to ease into the day giving you the freedom to wear what you want.

5. Full-coverage Bra

Full-coverage bra

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A full-coverage bra offers all the coverage you need. Perfect if you have slightly larger breasts and want to avoid spillage, they are made to provide unmatched support and comfort.

6. Bralettes


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Who needs a tee when you have bralettes. Choose from an insane amount of different styles and pair them with your favourite culottes or PJs. Throw on a blazer for those Zoom calls and look super chic.

This lockdown has been somewhat of a blessing. We’ve learnt to love ourselves, pamper ourselves and spent time with the ones we love. While WFH can be slightly overpowering on days, the comfort of the right bra will always come to the rescue. Wearing a bra for long hours doesn’t HAVE to be a daunting experience. With the right type and perfect fit, comfort is right there at your reach. So go on, try these bras, to revel is confidence and comfort.

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