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Festive lingerie gifts for your girl

Joy to the world, the festive season is in full swing! Christmas is here, yay! While Chilly evenings and cosy snuggles are a given, so is the joy of gifting and spreading cheer. Make your special someone blush a little by gifting her some pretty and fun lingerie as a Christmas present.

Lingerie is the perfect romantic holiday gift for many reasons. Us girls rarely spend time buying lace bodysuits or mesh panties for ourselves. Here’s your chance to make her smile. The preferred style might vary from person to person, but lingerie makes the backbone of any good wardrobe and the right set of lingerie has the power to make her feel great inside out.

We know you’re probably starting to get confused at this point, luckily, we’re here to help and have put together a handy guide along with a list of trending lingerie styles to make sure you get it right this Christmas.

The 2-step guide to lingerie shopping

1. The cardinal rule - Size DOES matter

Before you even think about going shopping, the first step will be to figure out her size. And like always, we’re here with another solution. Try our bra fit calculator or find a piece of lingerie and check the size label while she’s not looking. Once you’ve got it, you’re ready for step 2.

2. The world of lingerie - Ready, Set, Go.

Welcome to a world of styles, shapes, colours and fabrics. While lingerie is generally perceived to be a bra and a panty, we’re here to tell you that there’s so much more to it! From sleepwear to sportswear, loungewear and more. So knowing exactly what to look for will help to zero in on the styles to shop. While a pretty lacy bra might be perfect for someone, a satin chemise or robe might be just what you’re looking for.

Here’s a handpicked list of Christmassy styles to choose from.

1. The naughty little elf

Heritage Lace Padded Bra - Lingerie Gift

Shop: Heritage Lace Padded Bra

Heritage Lace Padded Bra: Delicately crafted with luxurious lace with oriental designs, this softly padded and wired bra is all about style and comfort. The balconette style is perfect for Santa’s naughty list and we’re sure she’ll love it.

2. Mrs Claus’s favourite

Ultimo Vintage Floral Bra - Christmas gift ideas for your girlfriend

Shop: Ultimo Deco Floral Bra

Ultimo Vintage Floral Bra: Black is always the safest bet and a truly classy choice. This bra is embroidered with floral-inspired designs and is perfect for a Christmas Gift. Pair it with the matching low rise floral hipster panty for the complete look!

3. A tale of Christmas magic

Vanish Seamless Panty - Gift lingerie

Shop: Vanish Seamless Panty

Vanish Seamless Panty: Let all inhibitions vanish with this comfortable number. Designed to look flawless under the tightest silhouette, this gift will show her you care and understand her too!

4. Delightfully festive

Satin Edge Panty - Gift Ideas for christmas

Shop: Satin Edge Panty

Satin Edge Panty: Uber stylish with a touch of satin glam. The Satin Edge Panty is festive fabulous and makes for a lovely gift.

5. Santa’s lady love

Eternal Bliss Lace bodysuit - Christmas Gift for you

Shop: Eternal Bliss Lace bodysuit

Eternal Bliss Lace bodysuit: Sophisticated, stylish and sweet, this Lace Bodysuit is what her dreams are made off. All about indulgence, this bodysuit is crafted entirely from two-tone lace which redefines elegance. Pair this with a pretty pearl necklace and watch her love for you double overnight.

6. The colour of Christmas

Eternal Romance Satin Chemise - Christmas gift

Shop: Eternal Romance Satin Chemise

Eternal Romance Satin Chemise: While you’re busy playing Santa, let her be Mrs. Claus in this gorgeous red Satin Chemise. Sway to some romantic music and make the night memorable.

7. Gift-wrapped perfection

Eternal Romance Satin Robe - gift for your girl

Shop: Eternal Romance Satin Robe

Eternal Romance Satin Robe: The perfect finisher, this Eternal Romance Satin Robe is perfect to be paired with any of the above gifts. Make it worth her while by pairing it with the Eternal Romance Satin Chemise or the Heritage lace padded bra.

Well, we’ve made you a list and checked it twice, now it’s time for you to be a little naughty and nice. It’s time to make her Christmas truly unforgettable.

Now go on and make her feel special, Merry Christmas!

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