Different Types Of Bras For Monsoon


The sun has gone to hide behind the clouds, and the monsoon has come out to play. While the season can be super romantic, cosy and fun, the pain of gloomy days and clothes that never dry is a pain. It also becomes increasingly important to take care of our innerwear. The reasons are bacteria and fungi growing in damp, moisture-rich areas. It is essential to stay cool in the monsoons because the increased humidity can make you uncomfortable, which will only be enhanced further if you wear unsuitable lingerie. Say BYE to anything synthetic and icky, and hello to everything cotton.

A Monsoon Must-Have
Cotton Lingerie

You have to have a few cotton lingerie pieces in your wardrobe. Yes, we know lace is pretty and synthetic can be bold, but cotton is essential. The right monsoon bra in cotton lets you own your style and stay comfortable throughout the day… and season.

Pretty and Practical
Cotton Bralettes

Lightly-padded bralettes are perfect for summer but make an equally great monsoon companion. Available padded and non-wired styles, these cotton bralettes are the ideal cotton lounge option. Stay fashionable and comfortable no matter what season.


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Never Without my Nudes
Nude Bras

Bras in nude colours are ideal for venturing into the rainy mess. Unlike brightly-coloured bras that are pretty okay if they become visible in the rains, they are not ideal to be worn to formal workplaces. Nude bras, on the other hand, allow you to maintain your poise without feeling too exposed.


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Colourful Camis
Cotton Camisoles

Camisoles are a great addition to your monsoon wardrobe: they allow you to move about easily without worrying about your shirts becoming see-through under rainfall.


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Ready to rock the rainy season?

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