Best Nude Lingerie Options For Women

Best Nude Lingerie Options For Women

The push in recent years for more inclusive flesh-toned palettes is getting to a good place—even if it’s long overdue. Now nude bras are never not important, but these neutrals become even more necessary in spring, when the layers come off and the clothes lighten up. They can make getting dressed as easy as a spring breeze. Finding a bra that’s invisible under a white top can be tricky but we’ve got a solution that may surprise you. Many women think that a white bra is the obvious choice, when in fact it’s one of the most visible ones. No matter how pale you are, the contrast between white colour of the bra and your skin tone will make the bra shine through the white top.

There are a few solutions, the best known one being nude coloured lingerie. We’ve pulled together six of our most popular nude bras in the widest range of skin tones because once you find your perfectly true-to-you base layers you can do you: seamlessly, flawlessly, and confidently.


Casual Chic Microfiber T-shirt Bra: Made of softest of fabrics, this T-shirt bra is a perfect choice for all your fitted tops. They practically go invisible under your outfits and offer wirefree comfort. You have to wear it, to know it.

Lingerie Bra

Cotton Casuals Non-wired Bra: This is a classic from amanté portfolio. The seamless cups offer a smooth and clean look and is perfect to be paired with white shirts or kurtis. The cotton fabric makes it ultra-breathable.

Smooth Moves Wired Bra

Smooth Moves Wired Bra: Known for the support & fit it offers, this bra comes with sweetheart neckline which makes it perfect to be worn under low-neckline outfits. The detachable straps give you the freedom to style it multiple ways such as traditional, halter and criss-cross.

Cool Contour Non-padded Bra

Cool Contour Non-padded Bra: If you seek comfort in non-padded bras and that’s your everyday go-to, then our cool contour bra is a must try. It offers full coverage and comes with moisture management finish, so pick this one during summers or monsoon to pair under your outfits.

Multiway Padded Bra

Multiway Padded Bra: This bra is a definite wardrobe staple. The versatile bra gives you the option to style it in multiple ways – strapless, criss-cross, halter-neck, one-shoulder. Whatever be the outfit, a nude strapless bra doesn’t disappoint!

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