Which Bra to Wear Under a Sheer Top

Which Bra to Wear Under a Sheer Top

It’s summertime - hot days, chilled drinks, trendy fashion while we try to make the best out of the lockdown and pandemic situation. One of our favourite trends to watch this season while we dress up for video call catch up with our friends, is sheer tops. The exposed shoulders and barebacks tend to give out an adventurous vibe with a subtle hint of grace too.

But these looks always bring about one question: which bra should be worn under a see-through top. This question has probably troubled you and you’ve searched far and wide to get the perfect bra for the effortless and chic look. Well, we’ve got all the know-how and are spilling it right here.

Here are a few tips.

What Colour Should You Wear Under a Sheer Top?

bras for transparent tops
A thumb rule you should always remember is that if you wish to be discreet then wear a nude coloured bra, it will blend with your skin tone and look seamless. If you’re a little cray-cray and fun, feel adventurous and want to go for a bold look then a pop of colour or shimmer is a great choice.

What Kind of Bra Should You Choose?

what to wear under transparent dress
Well, the world is yours when it comes to this question. If you’re feeling sporty then you can wear a sports bra under your half sleeved sheer t-shirt. If a romantic date is on the cards then a lacy or shimmery bralette or balconette bra under a long sleeved sheer top is ideal. You could even try a modal vest or camisole if you want to play it safe.

Whatever you choose, we know you’ll look fab so go on and seize the day!

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