7 Lingerie Essentials for Every Women's Wardrobe

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The power of the perfect piece of lingerie should not be taken for granted. While lingerie offers you support and comfort, it also gives you a boost of confidence and can transform your look entirely.

It might be strenuous to fathom the vast world of lingerie, from the different types of bras to the different features and more. The search is endless, but we’ve narrowed it down through hours of endless research and world travel (mostly trial and error ;P)

Whether you’re planning a day out, an afternoon high tea, a romantic evening or a jog on the beach, these 7 lingerie must-haves are just what you need.

Also, this makes for the perfect checklist on your next shopping trip so don’t forget to dog-ear… erm bookmark this one.

1. Everyday cotton bra

Everyday cotton braSHOP: Cotton Bra

Sometimes (more like most of the time) you just gotta prioritize comfort when it comes to your everyday bra and picking up a cotton comfort bra is a great idea. Non-padded, non-wired and comfy as heck.

2. T-shirt bra

T-shirt braSHOP: T-shirt Bra

Every girl who’s worn a fitting tee or kurti knows that a seamless and well-fitted bra is a lifesaver. We recommend choosing a nude colour closest to your skin tone for light coloured garments.

3. Push-up bra

Push-up braSHOP: Push-Up Bra

Push-up bras are great for when you want to accentuate your silhouette, or when you plan to wear an outfit with a low neckline. They give you a ‘push’ and boost your confidence too.

4. Multiway bra

Multiway braSHOP: Multiway Bra

The multiway bra is one of the most versatile bras in lingerie. With straps that detach at one or both ends, they can be re-attached in multiple ways, to meet the needs of different outfits.

5. Sports Bra

Sports braSHOP: Sports Bra

Whether you’re a fitness junkie or not, a sports bra is a MUST HAVE. Slip-on for your relaxing yoga sesh, a high impact alternative for a workout or just to run errands.

6. Perfect Panties

PantiesSHOP: Panties

Panties are super-duper essential and picking the right ones based on your outfit and comfort level is important too. Seamless panties are a must under clingy clothing while cotton ones are great for breathability; thongs are mighty finisher on this list.

7. Shapewear

ShapewearSHOP: Shapewear

Shapewear can work magic under clothes. From smoothing bulges and making your tummy disappear to cinching your waist and creating a gorgeous silhouette. Choose from Saree shaper, Thigh Shaper, Waist Cincher, Tummy Control panties for your shapewear collection.

It’s time to go shopping! Also, don’t forget to get a professional fitting and know your perfect fit before going all out. You could try our fit calculator too!

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